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Vintage Oriental patchwork rugs present attractively mismatched design patterns attributed to the various rug remnants used to make them. The creativeness and skill used by patchwork rug makers infuse these rugs with a powerful sense of depth, warmth and versatility capable of enriching any type of décor. Favored by interior designers and loved by rug enthusiasts, vintage patchwork rugs have an enduring appeal that continues unabated regardless of existing trends in the world of modern and antique rugs.

Our vintage patchwork rug collection online offers subtly colored rugs illuminated cheery colors and fun patterns. For those seeking to introduce interesting textures to minimalist designs, a vintage patchwork rug may be the perfect solution. We also have overdyed patchwork rugs featuring bold color palettes to add dynamic vibrancy to spaces lacking excitement.

History of Vintage Patchwork Rugs

The earliest evidence of patchwork rugs conceived by artisans connecting small pieces of textile together to create larger pieces were found in ancient Egyptian tombs and in China nearly 5000 years ago. More modern patchwork rugs are made by cutting and re-sewing vintage carpets colored with monochromatic vegetable dyes to capture an assortment of bright hues and soft natural shades in one stunning rug. Patchwork techniques enable customized production of carpets and rugs for achieving specific visual effects desired by purchasers or these special rugs.

Vintage Turkish Patchwork Rugs

Resembling Persian and Oriental rugs in construction, Turkish rugs and carpets date back to pre-Islamic eras and share a variety of cultural influences from Byzantine, Asia, Armenia and the Caucuses. Turkish rug types seen in vintage patchwork rug collections include Bergama, Oushak, Konya, Milas and Yuruk. Woven by nomadic people more out of necessity than decoration, antique Turkish rugs served as temporary walls inside large tents and as protection against the blowing sand, biting winds and blazing desert sun. Materials used in creating Turkish rugs include sheep wool, goat hair, plants and minerals for making dyes.

Vintage patchwork rugs incorporating Turkish carpet pieces have several common features, including spectacular medallions, stunning plant and animal motifs as well as beautifully depicted arabesques. Following the establishment of Islam, Turkish rug weavers began integrating prayer designs and motifs such as decorative pillars, mihrabs and other, Islamic-oriented subjects. Considered the classical eras of Turkish rug weaving, the 16th and 17th centuries saw the replacement of ornate floral compositions with the bright, geometric images indicative of Seljuk carpets.

Browse our vintage patchwork rug collection online to see some remarkable examples of patchwork rugs at their finest. If you have any questions, please call Esmaili Rugs & Antiques today at (214) 651-7847.