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Persian Antique Rugs Collection Online

Esoteric symbolism imbues the geometric images, exquisitely depicted blooms and precisely shaded colors distinguishing antique Persian rugs from all other collectable rugs. According to ancient beliefs, symbolic motifs protected owners of handmade Persian rugs from misfortune, evil and strife. Tribal designs involving people, indigenous animals, symmetrical shapes and objects used in everyday life classically exemplify the adage of life imitating art and art imitating life.

Weavers in particular cultural groups or cities created countless Persian rug traditions, styles and designs. Limitless transformations present a myriad of possibilities when regional small variations and regional designs meld materials and technique together. For example, nomadic tribes and royal weaving traditions embraced by the Mughal and Safavid empires significantly influenced antique Persian rugs woven before 1920, and they represent an infinite range of patterns.

The Timeless Beauty of Antique Persian Rugs

Universally appealing and highly prized, our Persian antique rug collection continues to delight and awe even the most discriminating rug collectors and scholars. The remarkable elegance and stunning allure of handmade Persian rugs for sale at Esmaili’s blend seamlessly with contemporary, eclectic or distressed Western interior styles. For hundreds of years, Persian carpets and their instantly recognizable, elaborately gorgeous patterns have represented the “gold standard” in rug design and style.

The perfect balance of exotic colorings, intricate embellishments and flawless dimensions have made antique and modern Persian rugs a top choice among interior designers, high-end architects and rug enthusiasts from all over the world. Exceedingly valued for their sumptuous feel, durability and lush shades of vibrant colors, Persian rugs remain timelessly desired and eternally revered for their ageless beauty.

History of Persian Rug Making

Dating back to 500 BCE during the Achaemenid Era, Persian rug making is the very essence of Persian/Iranian culture and art. Antique Persian rugs exhibit a variety of layouts that include depictions of Islamic buildings, historical monuments, spirals, Shah Abbassi, weeping willows, hunting scenes and symbols such as the tree of life and the garden of paradise. In our Persian antique rug collection online, you will find dazzling rugs with allover patterns, one-sided patterns, compartmentalized patterns or centralized medallions. A few handmade Persian rugs may contain abstract or asymmetrical designs but the majority of these rugs are unidirectional or simply one-sided.

Dyes used to antique Persian rugs are derived from locally cultivated plants, with red being the most popular color. Persian rug weavers used to incorporate designs from memory, passing beloved patterns down from generation to generation. Materials used to create Persian rugs typically include animal hair, silk, wool, jute or cotton, with variations seen occasionally.

Modern Persian Rugs for Purchase

Discover the fascinating world of antique and modern Persian rugs at Esmaili’s Rugs and Antiques. Call us today for expert answers to your questions about handmade Persian rug collection: (214) 651-7847.