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Hooked Rugs

Included in the interesting history of American rugs are Navajo rugs, hooked rugs and tapestries. Early pioneers working with what few materials they had invented the art of hooked rugs in the 1600s, which prevailed as the rug of choice until the 1800s. Design motifs incorporated in 17th century American hooked rugs consisted of floral designs, geometric patterns and a variety of wildlife and landscapes. Common materials used to make hooked rugs in early America consisted of flax, hemp, linen and ultimately, jute from India, a type of shiny, soft vegetable fiber spun into strong, coarse threads for making durable rugs.

Rug makers living in the colonies near the Atlantic Ocean created antique hooked rugs presenting seascape and boating scenes common to the area. Originally designed to cover dirt or roughly hewn floors, American hooked rugs represent charming pieces of folk art fashioned out of frugality and clever ingenuity. They continue to be highly valued and cherished by rug collectors, interior designers and historical societies.

Navajo Rugs in Our Antique American Rug Collection

Historians believe the Navajo learned how to weave wool rugs from the Pueblo Indians before the 18th century. Some of the earliest examples of Navajo rugs and blankets (American Indian tribes used to use rugs and blankets interchangeably) date from the site of the Massacre Cave established in 1805 near Canyon de Chelly and Chinle, Arizona. Fragments of these vintage Navajo rugs show conservative designs influenced by Pueblo art. Narrow bands of contrasting or alternating colors, the use of natural sheep wool shades (tan, brown, black and white) and vegetable dyes consisting of vibrant yellows, verdant greens and deep rusts.

Important demarcations of the history of Navajo rug making include the Classic Period (1700-1840); the Late Classic Period (1840-1870); the Transition Period (1870-1900); the Rug Period (1900-1930) and the modern Regional Style Period seen today. Both antique and modern Navajo rugs remain some of the most collectible, sought after rugs in the industry.

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