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Antique Oushak Rugs Collection

Originating in the West Central Anatolia town of Oushak, Turkish Oushak rugs exhibit a fascinating Persian influence that makes them one of the most popular types of antique rugs. Endowed with the wonderful ability to make any area feel historically rich and elegantly modern simultaneously, Esmaili’s Oushak antique rugs for sale are woven from remarkably soft handspun wool found only in true Oushak rugs and present vibrant colors derived from natural elements like forest greens, subdued golds, deep blues, delicate ivories and rich saffron with warm cinnamon tones.

History of Antique Oushak Rugs

The fine art of Oushak rug weaving developed several centuries ago in and around Uşak, Turkey during the early years of the Ottoman Empire. In the past, Oushak rugs were lumped together with Anatolian rugs, but advanced methods of examining historical rugs now allow rug collectors and scholars to differentiate Oushaks from traditional Turkish rugs.

During the Ottoman Empire’s golden age of expanded territories and a strong, central government, sultans and other royalty commissioned Oushak rugs for mosques constructed especially for them. In addition to medallions, antique Oushak rugs for sale online are embellished with geometric designs, sophisticated animal forms and cloud motifs. Not only were these rugs popular in court circles, but they were also presented as prestigious gifts to foreign dignitaries.

During the 18th and early 19th centuries, Oushak rug weaving declined, later re-emerging around 1900 when the Oushak area became the focal point of Turkish rug making. Oushak rugs made after 1900 are largely decorative, room-sized rugs featuring stunning medallion designs and intricate patterns incorporating scatterings of palmettes and vine scrolls or smaller images of bold medallions. Our antique Oushak rugs for sale will dynamically transform any room from nondescript to unforgettable with their quietly intense palettes, pleasing qualities and lustrous, soft wool.

Oushak rugs eventually became so internationally revered and popular that “Oushak” is no longer considered a Turkish word but an English word with Turkish origins. In fact, antique Oushak rugs were so highly appreciated that artists such as Holbein and Lotto included these beautiful rugs in their paintings.

Browse Our Oushak Antique Rugs for Purchase Online

High-end interior designers, architects, and discriminating business and residential owners adore the warm splashes of color, old-world elegance and cultural richness antique Oushak rugs give to any room or area. We have many genuine Oushak rugs for sale and invite you to experience the allure and exquisite craftsmanship of these rugs by browsing our collection online.

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