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Vintage Moroccan Rug Collection

Morocco inspires exotic, alluring images of sweeping desert landscapes, rugged mountains rising in the distance, caravans dotting the horizon and the smell of incense carried by warm breezes. It's no wonder vintage Moroccan rugs are often considered the most desirable rugs by high-end interior designers, decorators and celebrities searching for extraordinary décor capable of transporting them to another time, another world, another place.

Cherished for their vividly colorful modern design schemes and powerful sense of the abstract and the asymmetrical, all handmade vintage Moroccan rugs are dated to about the 20th century when weavers began adapting rug aesthetics from western and central Turkish rugs. Moroccan rugs offer a unique blend of distinctive shades, geometrical shapes and a tribal/minimalist art style transcending all other styles seen in vintage tribal rugs. Versatile, arresting and sumptuous, our antique Moroccan rugs collection is the best assortment of these one-of-a-kind rugs you'll find anywhere in the world.

Styles of Moroccan Rugs

Woven by members of several Berber tribes living in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, Beni Ourain rugs are made with top-grade wool taken from sheep raised and herded by the Berbers. Since each tribe prefers certain colors, Beni Ourain rugs can often be traced back to a particular tribe. Natural dyes used in coloring wool include indigo, henna and cochineal. Berber women incorporate elements into their rugs reflecting daily life experiences, such as rural scenes, religious beliefs, birth, femininity, animals and natural flora and fauna.

During the mid-20th century, Moroccan rugs adopted a more sophisticated, beautifully effortless composition that infused some of the elements popular with the Art Deco movement. Famous interior designers loved the simplicity and the softly plush feel of these rugs and started assimilating them into a variety of interiors, from homes to large business buildings to art and history museums. Today, antique Moroccan rugs are as revered and highly sought after as they were decades ago. At Esmaili Rugs & Antiques, we are proud of our vintage Moroccan rug collection and invite you to browse our exclusive selection of the most dazzling Moroccan rugs you'll ever find.

Moroccan Rugs Tell a Story — They Are More About Symbolism.

The hints of dyes that make their way into the rug’s motifs and fringes have their own tale to tell. Colors vary from hues of blue, red, orange, yellow and green. In Berber culture, the color red symbolizes strength and protection, blue symbolizes wisdom, yellow represents eternity and green stands for peace.

Lacking a written language, ancient Berber weavers incorporated ancestral myths into their textiles using archaic images and symbols. Berber tribes living hundreds of thousands of years ago are considered by some anthropologists to represent a last pristine link to distant human origins. While living in complete isolation, Berber tribes took the time to preserve their cultural personality by weaving stories and ideas into their textiles for generation after generation. Even today, we recognize and understand these images simply because they summarize all our lives: birth, death and the distinct roles of men and women in society.

The term “Infinite Rapport” describes traditional Berber symbolism and indicates the extension of patterns enhanced by the passion of the art that goes beyond physical borders. Berber rugs clearly reveal pattern shifts that are meant to reflect the interruption and meaning of life events. In addition, Berber women rug weavers believed their creations were inhabited by some kind of spirit, either their own or perhaps the living spirit of the wool they used. Finished rugs during this time of pure Berber culture were considered prized possessions of the family.

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We care about preserving the rich tradition of Moroccan culture as depicted in our vast selection of handmade Moroccan rugs for purchase. We provide professional vintage rug cleaning for our customers who cherish their rugs as much as we do. Maintaining the beauty and value of Moroccan and Oriental rugs means ensuring it is consistently cared for in the proper manner, using correct cleaning solutions and techniques.

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