Wool Rugs

Wool is, by far, the most common material used in handmade Oriental rugs. Wool is durable and does well in areas with moderate foot traffic. The best wool for rugs is sheared from living sheep. It is soft, durable and retains the essential oils and lanolin which contribute to the rug's flexibility. Wool rugs and carpets have a natural ability to resist staining and soiling – better than rugs made from synthetic fibers. It's great at resisting stains because of the natural lanolin that coats the wool's surface. The lanolin coating helps stop dirt and stains from penetrating the wool by leaving the mess on or near the surface. Wool is very resilient. The texture allows it to quickly recover from footsteps or indenting caused by furniture. This natural resilience also keeps it looking new and fresh for longer periods of time. With consistent foot traffic over time the natural oils are brought to the surface of the wool rug giving it a lustrous sheen also known as patina. Patina is comes from using good quality 'live' wool and a trait that is highly sought after by collectors, rug dealers and enthusiasts.

Wool rugs made with hand spun wool will have a dark and a light side because the pile reflects light differently. The wool pile fibers either reflect or absorb light. Light reflects off the fiber's sides giving the pile a brighter sheen (light side). From the dark side of the rug, light is absorbed appearing to give it a deeper tone. Some carpets will have more noticeable light and dark sides than others, depending on the weaving style and the fiber's luster.

Do you know what a rugs worst enemy is? It's not the glass of wine spilled on it. It's not the years of foot traffic and it is not from dogs and cats. A rugs worst enemy is moths. Wool rugs are the perfect meal and home for a moth. They like to hide in dark places. Female moths lay eggs hundreds of eggs in undisturbed areas where there is little to no foot traffic. Many will not notice any problems or damage until it is too late. A wool carpet damaged by moths is not difficult to repair, but reweaving large areas can be expensive. If you suspect a moth infestation, don't hesitate to give us a call (214) 651-7847 before the damage gets out of hand.

Wool rugs and carpets exhibit outstanding beauty and provide benefits as a functional product. They bring the entire look of your space together while providing exquisite comfort and softness underfoot. Not only does wool resist stains and soiling naturally, it is resistant to flames and offers a natural flame retardant free of chemicals. Wool rugs are a perfect choice for any room, especially a child's room or baby's nursery making them child-friendly. Many interior designers and decorators are using sheep skin rugs and wool rugs from Morocco when designing nurseries, playrooms and children's bedrooms. They're soft, stain-resistant and naturally hygienic because the wool's outer layer makes it difficult for microbes to rest and multiply. Wool fibers are known for trapping allergens and bacteria, keeping them within the carpet pile and out of the air that your little one is breathing. The amazing thing about these sumptuous wool rugs is they are so versatile. Our vast selection of wool rugs offers an extensive range of colors in every style from traditional to modern and contemporary to transitional.