Vintage Rugs and Interior Design

Vintage interior design is all about using old eclectic pieces and creating a sense of charm and history from them. By adding vintage rugs, collectibles, estate sale items and flea market finds you can design a vintage atmosphere. Vintage style is about accepting the things of the past and enjoying them as they are. Esmaili Rugs and Antiques, Inc. is an excellent place for sourcing vintage rugs. Our handmade vintage rugs and carpets are brimming with old world charm and full of character. Available in an extensive selection of sizes, designs and colors to fit nearly any space.

Being a vintage rug enthusiast, Mr. Ali Esmaili is constantly on the lookout for vintage pieces when he travels abroad. His thirst for knowledge and his ability to absorb information has proved to be very much a valuable asset. Rug enthusiasts, interior designers and their clients can be categorized as trendy, nostalgia and quality.

When leaning towards the trendy side of vintage rugs, one basically wants their home to look cool and upbeat. Combining vintage rugs with stylish home accessories contribute to modern interior design's exclusive, warm and trendy style. Mix and match, recondition and revamp – recycling vintage pieces that are distressed or worn out with soft pastel colors unite by developing a comfortable and very popular style. The trendy side of vintage rugs is all about well-loved pieces and being on the edge of fashion. It's eclectic, but vintage rugs help pull the design together and remain grounded.

People that are in tune with their emotions hold onto to pieces with sentimental value because of nostalgia. These vintage pieces evoke emotion and feelings of childhood days that are long gone. Vintage rugs and family heirlooms are one of the latest trends in decorating and interior design. Mixing vintage rugs and furniture from your childhood create a place where every piece has history. This is where nostalgia plays a large part in filling one's home with sentimental charm and character. Vintage pieces preserve memories and also connect you with your loved ones. Whether there is monetary or sentimental value attached, as family heirlooms are passed down over time, their mystique grows.

While one will always appreciate inexpensive rugs from retail stores, sometimes you want a high quality Oriental rug that will last and last. Many rug enthusiasts, collectors and interior designers purchase because of quality. The uniqueness, desirability and quality make vintage rugs worth buying and owning. The design world of vintage is all about a good sense of fashion, quality and individual style reflected throughout one's home. The thing that makes a vintage rug special is how unique and different it is. Handmade rugs are not made by a machine and mass produced – they are works of art created from the weaver's passion. We are dedicated to providing high quality vintage rugs at affordable prices to customers nationwide, while delivering the quality customer service. Mr. Esmaili aims to share his passion for the timeless beauty of Oriental rugs in the homes and lives of our customers.