Silk Rugs

Silk, one of the oldest fibers known to man, originated in China. Silk's origin makes for an enchanting story. Story goes, a Chinese empress was sipping tea under a mulberry tree when a silkworm's cocoon fell into her cup. It started to unravel into beautiful shimmering threads. The empress so enamored she began the cultivation of silkworms. Thus began the history of silk. Silk is has been used in clothing, arts, d├ęcor, fine Oriental rugs, tapestries and more since 3000 BC. With the formation of the Silk Road from Asia to the West, silk is perhaps the most revered textile and has changed the world. It remains as a hot commodity for rugs, home furnishings and clothing.

When silk is woven into a wool rug, its distinctive luster contrasts beautifully with the wool and gives the rug a soft touch. Silk's fibers reflect light at multiple angles, almost prism-like. Treasured for their elegance, smoothness and lustrous good looks, high-quality carpets from Kashan, Qum, Hereke and Kayseri typically have an all silk pile and are tightly woven with real silk fringe extending from the rug.