Hand-knotted Luxury Silk Rugs in Dallas

Hand-knotted Luxury Silk Rugs

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Silk, one of the oldest fibers known to man, originated in China. Silk's origin makes for an enchanting story before 2700 BC. Silk was one of the leading commodities traded along the Silk Road around the onset of 100 BC. For several millennia, silk has set the standard in luxury textiles.

An Enchanting Saga of Silk Rugs

The Discovery of Silk By A Chinese Empress

The origins of silk date back to Ancient China. Legend has it that a Chinese princess was sipping tea in her garden when a cocoon fell into her cup, and the hot tea loosened the long strand of silk. Ancient literature, however, attributes the popularization of silk to the Chinese Empress Si-Ling, to around 2600 B.C. Called the Goddess of the Silkworm; Si-Ling apparently raised silkworms and designed a loom for making silk fabrics.

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Blended Wool and Silk Rugs in Dallas

When silk is woven into a wool rug, its distinctive luster contrasts beautifully with the wool and gives the rug a soft touch. Silk's fibers reflect light at multiple angles, almost prism-like. Treasured for their elegance, smoothness and lustrous good looks, high-quality carpets from Kashan, Qum, Hereke and Kayseri typically have an all silk pile and are tightly woven with real silk fringe extending from the rug.

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