6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726
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6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726 6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726 6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726 6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726 6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726 6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726 6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726

6 x 12 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug 53726

Size: 06'04 x 11'06
Main Color: Brown
Age: Vintage
Origin: Turkey
Transaction type: Cr
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53726 Vintage Turkish Kars Rug, 06'04 x 11'06.

Turkish Kars rugs, originating from Turkey, are narrow rugs tailored for hallways, entryways, or tight spaces, boasting earth-tone colors like browns, tans, beiges, and warm hues for a cozy atmosphere. These rugs often feature traditional motifs such as geometric patterns, medallions, or stylized florals. Crafted with high-quality wool and employing traditional Turkish knotting techniques, these rugs ensure longevity and may utilize natural dyes, enhancing their earthy allure. Their versatility allows them to harmonize with rustic, traditional, eclectic, or modern interiors, offering both practical protection for floors and aesthetic enhancement with warmth, texture, and visual intrigue. 

With its intricate detail and rich texture, this hand-knotted wool vintage Turkish Kars rug emanates nomadic charm, offering a captivating glimpse into the artistry of its creation. The medallion design, intricately woven into the fabric, forms the centerpiece of this rug, surrounded by an earthy color palette that exudes warmth and authenticity. Along the abrashed tan backdrop, three stack square medallions adorned with ambiguous motifs add depth and visual interest, creating a truly unique and captivating aesthetic.

Framing the central motif is a simplistic meandering botanical border, which adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the overall design. This border not only enhances the rug's visual appeal but also provides a sense of structure and balance, ensuring that the intricate details of the medallions are showcased to their full effect. Meanwhile, the weaver's signature and date, along with the natural abrash gradations that traverse the rug's surface, authenticate its vintage charm, imbuing it with a sense of history and character.

This vintage Turkish Kars rug is more than just a floor covering – it is a work of art that tells a story of craftsmanship, tradition, and cultural heritage. With its captivating design, earthy color palette, and authentic details, it serves as a timeless symbol of warmth, welcome, and informality. Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or hallway, this exquisite Kars carpet adds a touch of sophistication and charm to any space, transforming it into a sanctuary of style and comfort.

  • Rendered in variegated shades of brown, rose, tan, taupe, pink, mushroom, light pink, pashmina, and oyster gray with other accent colors.
  • Abrash.
  • Hand knotted wool.
  • Made in Turkey.
  • Measures: 06'04 x 11'06.
  • Date: 1980s. Late 20th Century.