5 x 8 Vintage Sivas Rug 521855 x 8 Vintage Sivas Rug 52185
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5 x 8 Vintage Sivas Rug 52185 5 x 8 Vintage Sivas Rug 52185 5 x 8 Vintage Sivas Rug 52185

5 x 8 Vintage Sivas Rug 52185

Size: 04'08 x 08'04
Age: Vintage
Origin: Turkey
Transaction type: Cr
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52185 Zeki Muren Distressed Vintage Turkish Sivas Rug with Art Deco Industrial Style. This hand knotted wool distressed vintage Turkish Sivas rug with modern Industrial Art Deco style features abstract florals and organic shapes on an abrashed and weathered brass colored backdrop. Rendered in variegated shades of brass, mustard, goldenrod, dark green, sage, ruby red, rose, taupe, coffee, gray, charcoal, and sandy-beige. From the distressed composition to the gently placed details, this vintage Turkish Sivas rug showcases the best of understated elegance. A fine example of urban chic, this distressed rug embodies the modern concept of less is more. The simplistic style combined with its subtle color palette produces a mesmerizing optical effect over the entire composition. The meticulous details radiate throughout the composition unfolding a beautiful weathered patina. Deriving inspiration from both the Art Deco movement and the brilliant imagination of Zeki Muren, this colorful and contemporary distressed vintage Turkish Sivas rug is truly a piece of art. It is suitable for a wide range of styles: Art Deco, Abstract, Industrial, Rustic, Lodge, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, Shabby Chic, Farmhouse, Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, Organic Modern, Postmodern, Bauhaus, and Memphis design. Perfect for a loft, converted factory apartment, living room, warehouse chic bedroom, pool room, game room, lounge, man cave, study, studio, library, mud room, sitting room, or office. The relaxed palette and low-to-no-pile style complement concrete and brick walls for a more modern Industrial aesthetic. Distressed. Age Wear and Abrash. Hand knotted wool. Made in Turkey. Measures: 04'08 x 08'04.