3 x 3 Vintage Hereke Rug 770253 x 3 Vintage Hereke Rug 77025
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3 x 3 Vintage Hereke Rug 77025 3 x 3 Vintage Hereke Rug 77025 3 x 3 Vintage Hereke Rug 77025

3 x 3 Vintage Turkish Silk Hereke Rug 77025

Size: 03'05 x 02'09
Main Color: Beige
Age: Vintage
Origin: Turkey
Transaction type: Cr
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77025 Vintage Turkish Silk Hereke Prayer Rug with Hunting Scene 03'05 x 02'09 From Esmaili Rugs Collection. Cleverly composed and distinctively well-balanced, this vintage Turkish silk Hereke rug displays an exceptional hunting scene. The sense of flight is evident throughout the silk Hereke as the predators hunt their prey. A large tree on each side surrounded by lush foliage, lavish flowers and a tranquil river flows from the right side to the bottom of the left side. The center is filled with exotic animals from birds, ducks and fish to deer, lions and tigers in a plentiful landscape scene. A royal camp composed of elaborate Turkish yurt war tents is surrounded by a Sultan and his Ottoman army. The rolling clouds, idyllic pond and women playing music counterbalance the imperial hunt; a past-time enjoyed by royalty. With its eccentric hunting scene and the attention to detail, this silk Hereke tapestry is unlike any other as it allows the viewer to continuously discover fascinating subjects. Rendered in variegated shades of beige, cream, tan, brown, olive, sage, mint, aquamarine, gold, gray, red, dark blue, light blue, light yellow and accent colors. Create a room that feels well-traveled and effortlessly inviting with this vintage silk Hereke, whether it be used as a wall hanging, tapestry or prayer rug. Hand-knotted silk on silk. Made in Turkey. Measures: 03'05 x 02'09.