8 x 10 Vintage Tibeten Rug 77537
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8 x 10 Vintage Tibeten Rug 77537 8 x 10 Vintage Tibeten Rug 77537 8 x 10 Vintage Tibeten Rug 77537 8 x 10 Vintage Tibeten Rug 77537 8 x 10 Vintage Tibeten Rug 77537 8 x 10 Vintage Tibeten Rug 77537

8 x 10 Vintage Tibetan Rug 77537

Size: 08'00 x 09'06
Main Color: Green
Age: Vintage
Origin: Tibet
Transaction type: Cr
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77537 Vintage Tibetan Rug, 08'00 x 09'06. 

Elevate your space with the soulful fusion of Sustainable Design and Biophilic Harmony, embodied in our hand-knotted wool vintage Tibetan rug. Drawing inspiration from the intricate beauty of nature, this rug transcends conventional decor, encapsulating the very essence of Biophilic Design while prioritizing sustainability.

The abrashed field transforms into a sustainable canvas for an all-encompassing geometric pattern—an abstract choreography of nature-inspired motifs that sprawl across the inviting composition. Each element, meticulously woven with a commitment to sustainability, mirrors the organic forms found in the natural world, infusing an effortless and rustic beauty into your living space.

Beyond being a rug, this vintage Tibetan masterpiece serves as a sustainable connection between your home's interiors and the rejuvenating elements of nature. Its design doesn't merely embrace aesthetics but also seamlessly integrates Biophilic Design principles and sustainable practices, inviting the outdoors in and creating a sanctuary within your living space.

Embrace the enduring trend for Sustainable Biophilia in high-end design as you enrich your home with the sustainable allure and timeless elegance of this vintage Tibetan rug. Let it be a testament to the possibility of merging sophisticated design with a commitment to sustainability, creating a space that not only looks good but also feels good for generations to come.

  • Rendered in warm earth-tones and variegated shades of brown, dark green, taupe, greige, camel, tan, ecru, sand, hunter green, sage, and slate gray with other accent colors. 
  • Abrash. 
  • Hand-knotted wool. 
  • Made in Nepal. 
  • Measures: 08'00 x 09'06.