6 x 7 Antique Tapestry 772216 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77221
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6 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77221 6 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77221 6 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77221 6 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77221 6 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77221 6 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77221

6 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77221

Size: 06'04 x 06'09
Age: Antique
Origin: France
Transaction type: Cr
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77221 Antique French Tapestry Inspired by Francois Boucher, Le Berger Recompensé [The Rewarded Shepherd], Wall Hanging 06'04 x 06'09. Drawing inspiration from Francois Boucher and the Parisian engraver Rene Gaillard, this hand-woven wool and silk antique French Rococo tapestry depicts an idyllic romantic scene in a pastoral setting. Lounging in a field after playing bagpipes, a young shepherd relaxes along the path. A lovely peasant girl passes by sharing a subtle yet sovereign gaze, and the girl offers the shepherd a wreath of spring flowers from her basket. Surrounded by trees, dense foliage, and delicate florals, this antique Francois Boucher style pastoral tapestry creates a perfect countryside landscape and embodies true French Romanticism. With its commitment to tradition and heart full of whimsy, this antique European tapestry can enliven nearly any opulent period-interior with color and vitality. Well-suited for French, Rococo, Louis XIV, Louis XI, Louis XV, Rococo, Chippendale, Regal, Aubusson, Baroque, Renaissance, Old World, Traditional, European, and Savonnerie inspired interiors with Gobelins or Beauvais style. Whether in a formal setting with elaborate furnishings or in an Ottoman style interior, this antique Romantic Rococo wall hanging will bring vibrant life where it is displayed. Possibly one of Francois Boucher's first works that may have been lost or looted in The Second World War. The only evidence of the original is from an etching by René Gaillard. Also referred to as Le Berger Recompensé [The Shepherd Repaid] by Robert Gaillard. Abrash. Hand-woven silk and wool. Made in Europe. Measures: 06'04 x 06'09.