6 x 10 Antique Tapestry 772256 x 10 Antique Tapestry 77225
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6 x 10 Antique Tapestry 77225 6 x 10 Antique Tapestry 77225 6 x 10 Antique Tapestry 77225 6 x 10 Antique Tapestry 77225 6 x 10 Antique Tapestry 77225 6 x 10 Antique Tapestry 77225

6 x 10 Antique Tapestry 77225

Size: 06'02 x 09'11
Age: Antique
Origin: France
Transaction type: Cr
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77225 Antique French Rococo Tapestry Inspired by Francois Boucher The Agreeable Lesson, Wall Hanging 06'02 x 09'11. Drawing inspiration from The Agreeable Lesson based on Love Among the Ruins by Francois Boucher (1703–1770), this hand-woven wool and silk antique French Rococo tapestry depicts an idyllic romantic scene in a pastoral setting. A young couple sit near a ruined fountain topped with a stone lion statue surrounded by trees, dense foliage, and delicate florals. The lion statue represents faith and fortitude. The shepherd embracing the shepherdess, gives her a flute lesson. The shepherdess lightly clutches the shepherd's crook between his legs while goats rest at their feet. The goat is the epitome of masculine virility. Though deceptively simple, this Francois Boucher style tapestry is steeped in symbolism allowing the viewer to absorb the depth of the artist’s work by transforming an innocent scene into an implied erotica. It is enclosed with an elaborate border containing florals and acanthus leaves with a French Fleur de Lis strapwork cartouche in each corner. With its commitment to tradition and heart full of whimsy, this antique French tapestry can enliven nearly any opulent period-interior with color and vitality. Well-suited for French, Rococo, Louis XIV, Louis XI, Louis XV, Rococo, Chippendale, Regal, Aubusson, Baroque, Renaissance, Old World, Traditional, European, and Savonnerie inspired interiors with Gobelins or Beauvais style. Whether in a formal setting with elaborate furnishings or in an Ottoman style interior, this French wall art takes on a spirited type of energy, some say “a joie de vivre” meaning to experience the joys of living, loving and playing by getting back to nature. Abrash. Hand-woven silk and wool. Made in Europe. Measures: 06'02 x 09'11.