4 x 5 Vintage Tapestry 769894 x 5 Vintage Tapestry 76989
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4 x 5 Vintage Tapestry 76989 4 x 5 Vintage Tapestry 76989 4 x 5 Vintage Tapestry 76989

4 x 5 Vintage Tapestry 76989

Size: 03'08 x 04'09
Age: Vintage
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76989 Vintage Wall Hanging Tapestry with Caravanserai Scene 03'08 x 04'09 From Esmaili Rugs Collection. This vintage tapestry wall hanging features the architectural facade of a Caravanserai, a roadside inn sheltering weary travelers and merchants along the Silk Road. A robed gentleman reclines on a carpet in the left foreground where a second man stands beside him. A third man tends to the horses to the right of the archway entrance. This tapestry wall hanging is a relic of times gone by whose brave few traversed the Silk Road centuries before the steam train, across desert and sea by horse and camel-back. This scene is surely a romanticized idea of a dangerous pit stop along an arduous journey, replete with green foliage and cooling shade of the archway. Abrash. Made in China. Hand-knotted wool. Measures: 03'08 x 04'09.