2 x 7 Antique Tapestry 773192 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77319
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2 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77319 2 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77319 2 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77319 2 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77319 2 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77319 2 x 7 Antique Tapestry 77319

2 x 7 Antique Verdure Tapestry 77319

Size: 02'04 x 06'07
Main Color: Beige
Age: Antique
Origin: Europe
Transaction type: Cr
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77318-77319 Pair of Antique French Aubusson Flemish Verdure Tapestries with Landscape Scene. The left antique French Aubusson Flemish tapestry features a bucolic landscape scene. A bird, possibly a crane, stands in near the foreground while trees and flowering plants create a plentiful verdure forest. In the distance is a small cottage nestled among the rolling hills. The right antique French Aubusson Flemish tapestry features a backdrop of mountains, a French country chalet, a stone bridge with a stream creating a Classic verdure landscape scene. An exotic bird, possibly a crane, stands in a stream near the foreground surrounded by a plentiful forest of trees and dense foliage. With its commitment to tradition and heart full of whimsy, this pair of French Aubusson tapestries can enliven nearly any opulent period-interior with color and vitality. Well-suited for French, Rococo, Louis XIV, Louis XI, Louis XV, Rococo, Chippendale, Regal, Aubusson, Baroque, Renaissance, Old World, Traditional, European, and Savonnerie inspired interiors with Gobelins or Beauvais style. Whether in a formal setting with elaborate furnishings or in an ottoman style interior, this Flemish style wall hanging will bring vibrant life where it is displayed. After the 17th century, verdure tapestry scenes began to become more realistic. They often illustrated landscape scenes; however, architectural features such as castles, bridges, animals and birds would occasionally be woven into these historical pieces. The landscape is overgrown with lush plant life were foreign to westerners. Tapestries take on a spirited type of energy, some say 'joie de vivre' meaning to experience the joys of living, loving and playing by getting back to nature. They can be used to create a beautiful centerpiece or focal point in the room. Pictures and wall art are nice; however, a home adorned with tapestries make an elegant and personal statement. Rendered in variegated shades of sand, tan, ecru, beige, wheat, flaxen, taupe, camel, coffee, sienna, brown, olive, sage, moss, fern, avocado, verdigris, terra cotta, burnt orange, pumpkin, saffron, goldenrod, burnt sienna, charcoal, gray and other accent colors. The back of the panels are lined with slots for hanging. Hardware is included. Some age wear. Abrash. Handwoven wool. Made in France. Measurements: 77318 Tapestry 02'05 x 06'07 77319 Tapestry 02'04 x 06'07.