9 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 306689 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 30668
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9 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 30668 9 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 30668 9 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 30668 9 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 30668 9 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 30668 9 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 30668

9 x 12 Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug 30668

Size: 09'01 x 11'09
Main Color: Green
Age: New
Origin: India
Transaction type: Cr
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30668 New Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug with Scandinavian Modern Style 09'01 x 11'09. With its simplicity, geometric design and intrinsic beauty, this hand-woven wool Swedish Indian Kilim rug provides a feeling of cozy contentment without the clutter. The abrashed field features an all-over repeating geometric pattern comprised of juxtaposed abstract shapes in a soft earthy colorway that connects home interiors with the elements of nature while simultaneously introducing the current trend for Biophilia in high-end design. Displaying clean sophistication and functional versatility, this Swedish style rug adds texture and subtle graphic appeal forming a warm, relaxed space. Bespeaking cozy, comfy, and the embodiment of Scandi style, this contemporary kilim rug is the perfect complement to rooms with light wood, organic materials, bright whites, monochromatic artworks, and neutral color schemes. Drawing inspiration from Märta Måås-Fjetterström and Judith Johansson, this flat-weave kilim rug beautifully embodies modern Hygge vibes. Rendered in variegated shades of Laurel green, gray, khaki, dark green, tan, asparagus, olive, taupe, greige, mustard, moss, fern, dove gray, avocado, taupe, mushroom, sage, and Reseda green with other neutral hues. Perfect for adding organic textile sensations to a living room, dining room, family room, bedroom, front room, conservatory, wine cellar, executive suite, home office, private library, billiards room, game room, study, studio, sitting room, sunroom, hotel lobby, royal suite, or theater room. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Biophilic Design, Biophilia, Scandinavian Modern, Organic Modern, Nordic, Danish Design, Colonial Cottage, European Cottage, Flemish, Transitional, Shaker, Modernist, Zen, Japanese Style, Puritan, Monochromatic Mission, Amish, Russian Dacha Home Style, Finnish, French Country, Gustavian, Georgian, Romantic, French Provincial, Swedish Farmhouse, shabby chic, Southern Living, English Country, Cotswold Country, International, Industrial, Rustic, Artisan, Lodge, Cabin, Urban, Loft, Eclectic, Traditional, Modern, Contemporary. Abrash. Hand-woven wool. Made in India. Measures: 09'01 x 11'09. Brand New. In-Stock.