6 x 10 Swedish Wedding Rya Rug 77402

Size: 06'04 x 09'08
Main Color: Pink
Age: Vintage
Origin: Sweden
Transaction type: Cr
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77402 Vintage Swedish Wedding Rya Rug with Scandinavian Modern Style 06'04 x 09'08. With its geometric design and bohemian hygge vibes, this hand-knotted wool vintage wedding Rya rug beautifully embodies the simplicity of Scandinavian modern style. It features an abrashed dusty rose field of softly gradated striations running selvage to selvage and blending seamlessly from one to the next. Small amorphous organic shapes adorn the field while large-scale square-like shapes run the width at each end, adding visual interest and depth. A simple sand colored border frames the composition, giving it a sense of order and definition. Though deceptively simple, this wedding Rya rug is steeped in Scandinavian tradition that is both meaningful and culturally significant. In the bottom left corner, the bride and groom's initials along with the year of their wedding (19-GJ-43) was woven into the vintage Swedish Rya rug. Drawing inspiration from Marianne Richter and Märta Måås-Fjetterström, this Scandinavian Rya rug beautifully embodies blissful hygge vibes. Perfect for adding organic textile sensations to a living room, dining room, family room, bedroom, front room, conservatory, wine cellar, executive suite, home office, private library, billiards room, game room, study, studio, sitting room, sunroom, royal suite, or theater room. Warm and inviting, this vintage Swedish Rya rug complements a variety of interior styles: Scandinavian Modern, Hygge, Organic Modern, Zen, Finnish, Mid-Century Modern, Nordic, Swedish Farmhouse, Cottage, Swedish Modern, Danish Modern, Boho Chic, Contemporary Scandinavian, Bohemian, Southwestern, Desert, Santa Fe, Artisan, Bauhaus, Cubism, Folk Art, or Romantic Industrial. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Sweden. Measures: 06'04 x 09'08.