10 x 13 Vintage Overdyed Rug 8024610 x 13 Vintage Overdyed Rug 80246
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10 x 13 Vintage Overdyed Rug 80246 10 x 13 Vintage Overdyed Rug 80246 10 x 13 Vintage Overdyed Rug 80246

10 x 13 Vintage Overdyed Rug 80246

Size: 09'07 x 12'06
Age: Vintage
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Sold
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Skull designs don't have to be dreary, especially when paired with an alluring deep purple composition and other eclectic patterns in your space. In a world of bland, staged, cookie-cutter interiors, it is so refreshing to see something totally different and unexpected. Characterized by dark colors, curved ornate furniture and plenty of decorative details, Victorian Gothic design is a visual feast that makes a statement with its boldness, drama and elegance. Inspired from different eras of Victorian Gothic décor, Hollywood Regency and atmospheric design, this vintage overdyed rug is not for the faint of heart with its side profile skull. The detailed process involves distressing, overdying and then the artist shaves the rug to create the skull design. This vintage rug offers an eccentric composition with a high level of decorative appeal. Catering to the Industrial aesthetic and given its skull design, this intentionally distressed vintage rug is a stunning combination of a punk rocker's dream and elegant Gothic manor. Measures: 09'07" x 12'06".