Heriz 10 x 12 Rug 76648Heriz 10 x 12 Rug 76648
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Heriz 10 x 12 Rug 76648 Rug No.: 76648 09'07 x 12'04 Heriz Rug No.: 76648 09'07 x 12'04 Heriz

10 x 12 Antique Heriz Rug 76648

Size: 09'07 x 12'04
Age: Antique
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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Vintage Persian Heriz Rug with Traditional Modern Style 9'07 x 12'04 From Esmaili Rugs Collection. This vintage Persian Heriz rug with traditional modern style has held up nicely with the times. Features an embellished center medallion with complementary spandrels while an ornate allover pattern encloses the elaborate field. This vintage Persian rug can transform a simple and beautiful space into a deliciously cozy and elegant room with its spectacular twist on a traditional art form. It embodies the lavish Persian style with its refined design. Delicately colored florals, stylized vine scrolls and serrated leaves lie between the quarter panels exposing an abrashed field creating an intimate patina. This well-balanced and elaborate composition is well-suited for traditional settings, formal interiors and anyone looking to add sophisticated panache to their room. Measures: 9'07 x 12'04.