8 x 11 Antique Mahal Rug 515228 x 11 Antique Mahal Rug 51522
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8 x 11 Antique Mahal Rug 51522 8 x 11 Antique Mahal Rug 51522 8 x 11 Antique Mahal Rug 51522

8 x 11 Antique Mahal Rug 51522

Size: 08'04 X 11'00
Age: Antique
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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Distressed Vintage Persian Mahal Area Rug 08'04" x 11'00” from Esmaili Rugs Collection. This vintage Persian Mahal bestows a finely drawn, understated allover pattern with a rustic yet, brilliant burnt orange field creating a highly distinctive atmosphere. An excellent representation of Persian culture, this captivating Mahal combines the intentionally distressed appearance with an overall Herati pattern of well-balanced proportions. The renowned Herati design pirouettes graciously across this meticulously sophisticated composition creating a liveliness through its weathered look. Its refined weave intensifies the rhythmic botanical pattern and magnificent detail of the borders with remarkable clarity. The main border of showcases the renowned Shah Abbas design originally found in antique Oriental carpets crafted from the sixteenth century. A sophisticated series of borders, each with a specifically rendered geometrical or botanical design, is amplified by equally rich coloration of this vintage Mahal. With its elegantly appointed composition and underestimated level of detail, this distressed Persian Mahal provides an artistic impact to complement concrete or brick walls for a more industrial aesthetic. Beautiful over wood, concrete and marble floors, distressed oriental rugs are impervious to trends.