7 x 12 Vintage Kilim Rug 77294

Size: 06'06 x 11'09
Main Color: Orange
Age: Vintage
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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77294 Vintage Persian Kilim rug. This handwoven wool vintage Persian Kilim area rug features two vertical columns of three stacked lozenges filled with repeating Cengel Hook motifs and outlined with beige bands filled with Kuf bird motifs in alternating colors. The beige bands forming the diamond lozenges are outlined with blue comb-latter motifs with five points symbolizing protection against evil eye. The Bird Kuf motif represents happiness, joy and love. The Cengel hook motif symbolizes marriage. The abrashed field is filled with repeating boteh motifs in alternating colors. The boteh motif resembles sprouting seed and is known as the 'Seed of Life'. It represents potential for growth as a germinating seed symbolizing rebirth or regeneration. The vintage Kilim rug is enclosed with a series of three borders flanked with comb-latter stripes. Abrash. Handwoven wool. Made in Iran. Measures: 06'06 x 11'09.