5 x 8 Antique Persian Bakhtiari Rug 77680

Size: 04'09 x 08'00
Main Color: Navy Blue
Age: Antique
Origin: Iran
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77680 Antique Persian Bakhtiari Rug with Early Victorian Style 04'09 x 08'00. Cleverly composed with saturated colors, this hand knotted wool antique Persian Bakhtiari rug beautifully embodies early Victorian style. The abrashed field features an angular four seasons garden panel design composed of stylized botanicals, palmettes, tree of life motifs, and rosettes with ambiguous tribal motifs. It is finished with a leaf and calyx style (wine glass) border flanked with an inner and outer running dog guard band also known as a vitruvian scroll. With its beguiling beauty and ornamental details, this antique Persian rug is poised to impress.

Perfect for a living room, dining room, family room, bedroom, front room, conservatory, wine cellar, executive suite, home office, private library, billiards room, game room, study, studio, sitting room, sunroom, hotel lobby, royal suite, or theater room. Well-suited for a variety of interior styles: Early Victorian, Jacobean, Elizabethan, English, Manor House, Tudor, London Proper, Baroque, Old World, Renaissance, Medieval, Traditional, Regal, Eastlake, Aesthetic Movement, Artisan, Bungalow, Arts & Crafts, Craftsman, Industrial, Lodge, Cabin, Eclectic, Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, Cottage, Edwardian, and Old World style.

  • Rendered in variegated shades of brown, eggplant, navy blue, rose, sienna, cerulean, dark pink, mauve, camel, ink blue, plum, purple, and maroon with other accent colors.
  • Abrash.
  • Hand-knotted wool.
  • Made in Iran.
  • Measures: 04'09 x 08'00.