4 x 6 Antique Kermanshah Rug 731674 x 6 Antique Kermanshah Rug 73167
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4 x 6 Antique Kermanshah Rug 73167 4 x 6 Antique Kermanshah Rug 73167 4 x 6 Antique Kermanshah Rug 73167 4 x 6 Antique Kermanshah Rug 73167 4 x 6 Antique Kermanshah Rug 73167 4 x 6 Antique Kermanshah Rug 73167

4 x 6 Antique Persian Kermanshah Rug 73167

Size: 04'02 X 06'00
Main Color: Brown
Age: Antique
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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73167 Late 19th Century Distressed Antique Kermanshah Persian Rug with Rustic English Style 04'02 x 06'00. Balancing a timeless floral design with traditional sensibility and a lovingly timeworn patina, this hand knotted wool distressed antique Kermanshah Persian rug beautifully embodies rustic English style. Taking center stage is a round cusped medallion with scalloped edges anchored with trefoil palmette pendants on either end. The abrashed and weathered field is covered with an all-over floral pattern composed of arabesque vines intertwined with palmettes, stylized flowers, leafy tendrils, rosettes, and lilies. Gracing each corner spandrel is an elaborate botanical pattern of florals and foliage. It is enclosed with a millefleur border flanked with an inner and outer floral meander guard band. Drawing inspiration from understated elegance and Cotswold Countryside living with just the right amount of age-wear, this antique Persian rug would bring a sense of nostalgic charm to nearly any interior. Perfect for a living room, front room, cozy reading nook, formal sitting area, private library, home office, trophy room, drawing room, dining room, bedroom, studio, study, loft, or lounge area. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Rustic, Traditional, Artisan, English Country, English Chintz, London Proper, Georgian, Victorian, English Manor House, Tudor, Arts & Crafts, Neoclassical, Gustavian, Cabin, Lodge, Industrial, Old World, Regency, European Cottage, Bungalow, Craftsman, Swedish Farmhouse, Southern Living, Colonial Revival, Eclectic, Modern, and Contemporary. Rendered in variegated shades of tan, oxblood red, burnt umber, navy blue, ink blue, ecru, sand, taupe, sienna, and greige with other accent colors. Distressed. Desirable Age Wear. Worn-in. Weathered. This piece has been re-dyed in some places. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Iran (Persia). Measures: 04.02 X 06.00.