15 x 26 Persian Bijar Rug 7312515 x 26 Persian Bijar Rug 73125
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15 x 26 Persian Bijar Rug 73125 15 x 26 Persian Bijar Rug 73125 15 x 26 Persian Bijar Rug 73125 15 x 26 Persian Bijar Rug 73125

15 x 26 Persian Bijar Rug 73125

Size: 15'01 X 26'01
Age: Antique
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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Antique Persian Bijar rug from Esmaili Rugs Collection: A beautifully detailed Persian Bijar boasts an ornate center medallion with an impressive allover pattern, rendered in exquisite detail. The refined palette consists of muted rust with salmon undertones, blue and sky blue, blush, beige and ivory. A vast field of tribal designs and Herati symbols dance gracefully over this antique Bijar, supporting an impressive array of geometric design elements that comprise of meticulous detail with a profound sense of simplicity. The exceptionally detailed borders set the tone for the entire composition creating a lush enclosure for this awe-inspiring scene, while an extended series of detailed guard borders complete this picturesque composition. Many talisman and village weavers use representation and symbolism while never abandoning their connection with Mother Nature. This Bijar features repeating hexagons from the center medallion to outer field. Hexagons with their six sides represent a symbol of perfect union as hexagons are created from equal parts and the energetic emblem of soulful integration. A hexagon is the shape that most efficiently breaks flat space up into little units. Known as the Iron Rugs of Iran, Bijar rugs and carpets with their unique weave and double weft are prized for their sturdy construction and durability. Bijar carpet weavers pound the weft strands against the rows of knot repeatedly until the weave becomes extremely compact. The strong tension of the weft pulls the warp into two layers, giving the rug a certain stiffness and rigidity. Excellent craftsmanship and beautiful patina make this incredibly gorgeous Bijar carpet a collectorÂ’s dream. With its masterful mix of modern and historical, this Bijar is well suited for traditional, contemporary and modern interiors.