11 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 5323111 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 53231
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11 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 53231 11 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 53231 11 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 53231 11 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 53231 11 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 53231 11 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 53231

11 x 14 Antique Persian Joshegan Rug 53231

Size: 10'06 x 14'01
Main Color: Red
Age: Antique
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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53231 Distressed Antique Persian Joshegan Rug with Modern Rustic English Style 10'06 x 14'01. With relaxed rustic Federal style and a lovingly time-worn composition, this hand knotted wool distressed antique Persian Joshegan rug is well-balanced and poised to impress. It features a stepped central lozenge medallion patterned with a cross motif and tree of life florals. The weathered field is adorned with bold cross designs embellished with millefleurs, tree of life motifs, roundel rosettes, floral sprigs, blossoms, weeping willow trees, and palmettes. Each corner spandrel is filled with a repeating geometric floral pattern. It is enclosed with a rectilinear palmette Meander border flanked with inner and outer double guard bands, and subsidiary crenelated fence border stripes. Effortlessly chic and tastefully understated combined with rustic elegance, this antique Persian rug will charm with ease in any nearly space wanting a traditional, handwoven and relaxed, elevated feel such as American traditional or even rustic cabin. Perfect for a great room, wine cellar, executive suite, conservatory, state room, royal suite, hotel lobby, music room, living room, dining room, drawing room, private library, golf locker room, billiards room, clubhouse, large home office, master retreat, private Chambers, studio, study, loft, lounge, entertainment parlor, trophy room, large bedroom, or formal sitting room. Well-suited for a variety of interior styles: English, Federal, Rustic, Tudor, Chippendale, Cotswold Country, London Proper, Southern Living, Artisan, Farmhouse, French Country, shabby chic, Romantic, French Cottage, Neoclassical, Industrial, Lodge, Cabin, Bungalow, Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, Eclectic, American Colonial, Eastlake, Aesthetic Movement, Manor House, Traditional, Contemporary, Urban, Flemish, Belgian, Pacific Northwest, Northwestern, English Cottage, or Modern. Bespeaking age and history, this lovingly time-worn Persian rug is the perfect complement to interiors with similar richness and rustic vibes including natural wood furnished chalets, estates, cottages, and mountainside abodes as found in Colorado, Lake Tahoe, or the Adirondacks. Distressed. Desirable age wear. Antique wash. Abrash. Hand knotted wool. Made in Iran. Measures: 10'06 x 14'01.