11 x 14 Antique Mahal Rug 7693911 x 14 Antique Mahal Rug 76939
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11 x 14 Antique Mahal Rug 76939 11 x 14 Antique Mahal Rug 76939 11 x 14 Antique Mahal Rug 76939

11 x 14 Antique Mahal Rug 76939

Size: 11'03 x 13'06
Age: Antique
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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76939 Distressed Antique Persian Mahal Rug with Modern Industrial Style. This late 19th century antique Persian Mahal rug with its modern industrial style and impeccable craftsmanship will heighten a room’s sense of place in history. The time-softened color palette combined with a highly industrial aesthetic highlights a medley of intricately composed geometric motifs creating a rhythmic, majestic cadence throughout its weathered composition. The borders are harmoniously charismatic, with the masterful color shifts among the complementary tones. This distressed antique Persian Mahal rug and its urban loft style amplifies the magnificent details in the time-softened rust colored field. Rendered in variegated shades of rustic red, dark orange, navy, beige, brown, blue, ecru, slate and light blue. Abrash. Desirable Age Wear. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Iran (Persia). Measures: 11.03 x 13.06.