10 x 13 Vintage Mashad Rug 7735510 x 13 Vintage Mashad Rug 77355
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10 x 13 Vintage Mashad Rug 77355 10 x 13 Vintage Mashad Rug 77355 10 x 13 Vintage Mashad Rug 77355 10 x 13 Vintage Mashad Rug 77355 10 x 13 Vintage Mashad Rug 77355 10 x 13 Vintage Mashad Rug 77355

10 x 13 Vintage Persian Mashhad Rug 77355

Size: 09'06 x 12'08
Main Color: Purple
Age: Vintage
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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77355 Vintage Persian Mashhad area rug with Arabesque baroque Regency style. Ravishing and vibrant this hand knotted wool vintage Persian Mashhad area rug features an eight-point cusped palmette medallion enclosed within a sixteen-point Mashhad floral roundel surrounded by all-over botanical garden design. Slayed palmettes, leafy tendrils, lilies, lotus blossoms, rosettes, feathery boteh motifs, curled sickle leaves and arabesque vines dance around the bulbous palmette pendants that are anchored from the roundel. Curled sickle leaves create a scalloped frame for the burgundy corner spandrels adorned with large arabesque Iris flowers and rosettes. It is enclosed with a Shah Abbas palmette border flanked with triple inner and outer carnation meander guard bands. Set off with its highly decorative aesthetic and stylish levels of complexity, this timeless Mashhad rug displays Persian culture throughout this enticing composition. Perfect for state room, great room, hotel lobby, private Chambers, drawing room, bedroom, front room, living room, game room, billiard room, private library, music room, home office, studio, study or formal sitting room. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Dutch Renaissance, Arabian, Islamic, Louis XIV, Louis XI, Louis XV, Rococo, Chippendale, Regal, Aubusson, Baroque, Renaissance, Old World, Traditional, Eclectic, European, and Savonnerie inspired interiors with Gobelins or Beauvais style. Whether in a formal setting with elaborate furnishings or in an Ottoman style interior, this Persian rug will bring vibrant life where it is displayed. Rendered in variegated shades of ink blue, royal blue, ruby red, burgundy, maroon, sky blue, dark pink, rose, olive, cerulean, Verdigris, brown, beige, and cream with other accent colors. Desirable Age Wear. Abrash. Hand knotted wool. Made in Iran. Measures: 09'06 x 12'08.