10 x 12 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug 61130
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10 x 12 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug 61130 10 x 12 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug 61130 10 x 12 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug 61130 10 x 12 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug 61130 10 x 12 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug 61130 10 x 12 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug 61130

10 x 12 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug 61130

Size: 09'10 x 12'04
Main Color: Pink
Age: Vintage
Origin: Iran
Transaction type: Cr
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61130 Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug, 09'10 x 12'04.

Hailing from the rugged Zagros Mountains of Iran, Persian Bakhtiari rugs are revered for their superb craftsmanship and abundant cultural heritage. Artisans from the Bakhtiari tribe deftly handcraft these rugs, infusing them with intricate designs inspired by the natural surroundings, ranging from elaborate florals to geometric arrangements. Employing locally sourced wool renowned for its resilience and opulent texture, Bakhtiari rugs not only demonstrate artisanal skill but also promise adaptability and resilience. Whether gracing the floors of regal palaces or enhancing modern interiors, these rugs stand as timeless emblems of tradition and elegance, enchanting admirers across the globe with their enduring charm and exceptional artistry.

In the realm of vintage Bakhtiari rugs, this hand-knotted wool masterpiece stands as a beacon of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless charm. At its core lies a captivating large-scale center medallion on a celestial blue backdrop anchored with delicate lozenge pendants at either end. Amidst this tableau of color and form, curvilinear beige lines intertwine, weaving a compartmental pattern within the medallion filled with a splendor of palmettes, lotus blossoms, and stylized florals. Each intricate detail whispers tales of ancient artistry and tradition, inviting you to embark on a journey through time and space.

As your gaze drifts across the expanse of this rug, you'll be enchanted by the ethereal beauty of its design. Nestled within the heart of the medallion, a superimposed concentric lozenge hovers as if suspended in mid-air, adding a touch of otherworldly elegance to the composition. From each corner, colossal blooming boteh motifs unfurl, their majestic presence imbuing the open abrashed field with a sense of grandeur and majesty. Here, amidst the open space, the medallion and border take center stage, commanding attention with their intricate patterns and harmonious symmetry.

Encircled by a meticulously crafted Herat border and delicate meandering guard borders, this vintage Persian area rug exudes an aura of enchantment and sophistication. Each stitch, each motif, tells a story of ancient craftsmanship and enduring beauty, capturing the essence of a bygone era in a timeless masterpiece. Discover a world where elegance knows no bounds and every thread holds a secret waiting to be unraveled.

Finding a Bakhtiari rug from the 1940s adorned with a sizable center medallion set against an open field is a truly exceptional find, given its rarity. While Bakhtiari rugs are celebrated for their intricate designs and captivating motifs, pieces featuring such a distinct composition from this era are notably scarce. The intricate craftsmanship and historical significance of such a rug would undoubtedly elevate it to a prized treasure among collectors and aficionados of vintage Persian rugs. Its rarity adds an extra layer of allure, making it a coveted centerpiece for any discerning connoisseur of fine textiles.

  • Rendered in variegated shades of tan, blue, ecru, cerulean, pink, brown, Aegean blue, rose, taupe, royal blue, sand, sky blue and beige with other accent colors.
  • Abrash. Antique Wash.
  • Hand knotted wool.
  • Made in Iran.
  • Measures: 09'10 x 12'04.
  • Date: 1940s. Mid-20th Century.