8 x 11 Vintage Overdyed Rug 607878 x 11 Vintage Overdyed Rug 60787
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8 x 11 Vintage Overdyed Rug 60787 8 x 11 Vintage Overdyed Rug 60787 8 x 11 Vintage Overdyed Rug 60787 8 x 11 Vintage Overdyed Rug 60787

8 x 11 Vintage Distressed Overdyed Rug 60787

Size: 08'00 x 11'01
Main Color: Purple
Age: Vintage
Origin: Turkey
Transaction type: Cr
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60787 Distressed Vintage Turkish Overdyed Rug with Postmodern Memphis Style 08'00 x 11'01 From Esmaili Rugs Collection. Combing a timeless design with chromatic brilliancy, this hand-knotted wool distressed vintage Turkish overdyed rug beautifully embodies a Postmodern Memphis style with Industrial vibes. It features a cusped lozenge medallion surrounded by an all-over inconspicuous floral design and arabesque vine scrolls peeking through the rich patina, adding depth and interest. The vibrant cut-out field draws in the viewer as it separates the elaborate spandrels and floral border. With its expressive design and vibrant colors with just the right amount of age-wear, this vintage distressed overdyed rug also possesses a refined Industrial edge with its textured surface of a low shorn pile. Perfect for a great room, wine cellar, executive suite, conservatory, state room, royal suite, hotel lobby, music room, living room, dining room, drawing room, private library, billiards room, clubhouse, large home office, master retreat, private Chambers, studio, study, loft, lounge, entertainment parlor, trophy room, large bedroom, or formal sitting room. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Memphis Design, Postmodern, Feminine Industrial, boho chic, Bohemian, Art Moderne, Retro, Contemporary, Regency, Urban, Venetian, Medieval, Abstract Expressionist, Romantic, Renaissance, Mid-Century Modern, Modern, Arabian, Neoclassic, and Eclectic. Rendered in variegated hues and shades of eggplant, plum, purple, lilac, lavender, mauve, rose, royal blue, cerulean, sky blue, beige, and greige with other accent colors. This is a texture rug with low to no pile. Distressed. Desirable Age Wear. Antique Wash. Overdyed. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Turkey. Measures: 08'00 x 11'01.