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Vintage Overdyed Rug Collection Online

Esmaili’s overdyed vintage rugs celebrate the past and the present with an online overdyed rug collection guaranteed to delight and enrapture the most discriminating audience. The “overdyed” technique is used to restore new life and vibrancy into antique, hand-knotted rugs from Turkey, Persia, Russia and other areas renowned for their vintage rugs. The process of overdying vintage rugs begins with gently neutralizing the rug’s colors while leaving original patterns visible enough to be traced. Overdyed rugs retain their richly historical and cultural qualities while presenting a fresh, brilliant face, fitting perfectly into any modern interior design. In fact, our clients consider our vintage overdyed rug collection to be unique works of contemporary art.

Are Distressed Rugs the Same as Overdyed Rugs?

Yes. Overdyed rugs are also known as distressed rugs because they exalt their weathered beauty that has faded from time and use. During the process of distressing, or overdying, rugs, artisans may create traditional, eccentric or tribal designs by shaving. This can make a particular vintage overdyed rug a one-of-a-kind, work of woven art no one else in the world possesses. Interior designers specializing in distressed ambiance often shave new rugs to give them the appearance of a vintage overdyed rug.

Overdyed Vintage Persian Tabriz Rugs

Some of the more popular rugs in our online overdyed rug collection are vintage Persian Tabriz rugs distinguished by a superior weave and rigorous adherence to traditional designs attributed to antique Persian rugs. A city in northwest Iran, Tabriz was once the capital of Persia during the Safavid Dynasty and lays claim to being the focal point of rug making longer than any Iranian city. Offering impressive medallion designs, delicate patterns and a dazzling array of colors ranging from vividly rich hues to soft, earthy pastels, Persian Tabriz rugs exhibit a remarkably fine quality definitively setting them apart from other rugs made in Persian/Iran.

Browse our overdyed rugs collection online and let yourself be dazzled by these boldly overdyed, eye-catching rugs. Whether you want to add a certain historical richness to a modern space or make a dramatically elegant yet spirited statement within areas devoid of character, you won’t be able to live with having a gorgeously overdyed vintage rug in your life.

We at Esmaili Rugs and Antiques welcome you to visit our online collection of antique and vintage rugs. If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, drop by our famous showroom to see our distinguished collection of Oriental rugs in person. We guarantee you won’t forget the experience!

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