8 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 806788 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 80678
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8 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 80678 8 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 80678 8 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 80678 8 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 80678 8 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 80678 8 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 80678

8 x 10 Contemporary Oushak Rug 80678

Size: 08'00 x 09'08
Main Color: Pink
Age: New
Origin: Pakistan
Transaction type: Cr
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80678 New Contemporary Oushak Boteh Rug with Modern Style 08'00 x 09'08. Give the look of woven wonders and decorative elegance with this hand-knotted wool contemporary Oushak boteh rug. The abrashed tan field displays an all-over repetitive pattern of opulent Mir-a-Boteh motifs decorated with tree of life and ambiguous tribal symbols. It is enclosed with a botanical border flaked with an inner and outer repeating S-hook guard band. The neutral color palette combined with abrashed striations dash across the field, enhancing the depth that connects home interiors with the elements of nature. The widely used boteh motif is thought to symbolize life, growth, and regeneration with its resemblance to a number of natural forms, including pinecones, sprouts, leaves, bushes, and flames. The ambiguous boteh motifs come together into a network that is both meaningful and elegant. The botanical pattern combined with a mix of contemporary design found in this Oushak rug prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Rendered in variegated shades of tan, ecru, light pink, sky blue, brown, camel, baby blue, taupe, coffee, and light green with other accent colors. Perfect for a living room, front room, dining room, wine cellar, conservatory, royal suite, executive suite, bedroom, private library, state room, great room, private chambers, drawing room, billiards room, golf locker room, trophy room, playroom, nursery, game room, music room, masters retreat, formal vestibule, or hotel lobby. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Tribal, Boho Chic, Bohemian, Mid-Century Modern, Belgian, Southwestern Desert, Santa Fe, Pacific Northwest, Spanish Mission, Organic Modern, Lake Tahoe, Adirondack, Northwestern, Southern Living, American Colonial, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Rustic, Artisan, Lodge, Cabin, Urban, Loft, Eclectic, Modernist, Craftsman, Bungalow, Traditional, Modern, and Contemporary. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Pakistan. Measures: 08'00 x 09'08. Brand New. In-Stock.