4 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 524404 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 52440
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4 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 52440 4 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 52440 4 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 52440 4 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 52440 4 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 52440 4 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 52440

4 x 7 Vintage Oushak Rug 52440

Size: 04'00 x 06'11
Age: Vintage
Origin: Turkey
Transaction type: Cr
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52440 Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug with Modernist Chippendale Style 04'00 x 06'11. This hand-knotted wool vintage Turkish Oushak rug features a cusped centre medallion anchored with finial pendants float on an abrashed oatmeal colored backdrop. The spandrels are filled with ancient family symbols, bird and tree of life motifs and on a gray background indicating happiness and love. Each corner is outlined in a combination of saw-tooth zigzag lines and stepped edges creating the cut-out field. Rectangular bands composed of symbolic repeating hair band motifs indicating readiness for marriage. It is enclosed with a rectilinear border flanked by inner and outer meander guard borders. With its straight lines, rounded edges, and sophisticated design aesthetic, this vintage Turkish Oushak rug is versatile, timeless and elegant. Perfect for a grand foyer, large entry, open hall, bedroom, parlor, kitchen, sitting room, living room, front room, studio, study, industrial loft, and lounge, or it would make an excellent choice for a large walk-in closet or master bathroom. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Chippendale, Modernist, International Style, Puritan, Gustavian, Swedish Farmhouse, Traditional, Transitional, Modern, Amish, Shaker, Organic Modern, Rustic, Shabby Chic, Cottage, Bungalow, Contemporary, Neoclassic, Finnish, Scandinavian Modern, Danish, Nordic, Industrial, and Machine Age style. The monochromatic neutral tones create a natural and calming ambiance. Rendered in muted hues and variegated shades of beige, almond, sand, ecru, tan, camel, latte, taupe, gray, light gray, dark gray, oyster gray, and dove gray. Antique Wash and Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Turkey. Measures: 04'00 x 06'11.