7 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 209207 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20920
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7 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20920 7 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20920 7 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20920 7 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20920 7 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20920 7 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20920

7 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20920

Size: 07'00 x 08'00
Main Color: Red
Age: Vintage
Origin: Morocco
Transaction type: Cr
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20920 Vintage Berber Moroccan Rug with Boho Chic Tribal Artisan Style 07'00 x 08'00. This hand-knotted wool vintage Berber Moroccan rug features a red abrashed field covered with various ambiguous tribal symbols that carry great meaning in Ancient Berber culture. The tribal symbols of eight-point stars, camels, diamonds, eyes, lozenges, fused triangles, Burdock symbols, and zigzag chevron lines, symbolize endurance, womanhood, conception, and protection. Thin steel-blue and beige lines representing the male's presence create a border to frame the composition, giving it a sense of order and definition. In Moroccan rugs, male motifs often appear on the outer portions of the composition, framing and enclosing the female motifs. This presentation can be seen as symbolizing fertility, as well as protection and the sanctuary of the family. Though deceptively simple, this vintage Moroccan rug is clearly laced with meaning and cultural significance. Perfect for a bedroom, study, studio, home office, private library, grand foyer, designer entryway, alcove, small space, mudroom, conservatory, wine cellar, executive suite, grand parlor, theatre room, royal suite, billiards room, game room, sitting room, sunroom, children's area, playroom, or nursery. It would also make a lovely accent next to a buffet in a dining room or behind the sofa table in the living room. Well-suited for fashion-forward homes, eclectic interiors, and a variety of styles: Mid-Century Modern, Tribal, Artisan, Lodge, Cabin, Rustic, Abstract, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Contemporary, Postmodern, Art Deco, Retro, Art Moderne, International, Nomadic, Bauhaus, Memphis Design, Modern, Organic Modern, Bohemian, Industrial, Urban, and Loft. Rendered in variegated shades of red, ruby red, tangerine, orange, glaucous, bluish-grey, hot pink, pink, lavender, purple, beige, taupe, and tan with other accent colors. Berber Tribes of Morocco. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Morocco. Measures: 07'00 x 08'00.