5 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 204805 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20480
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5 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20480 5 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20480 5 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20480 5 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20480 5 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20480 5 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20480

5 x 6 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20480

Size: 05'04 x 06'02
Main Color: Purple
Age: Vintage
Origin: Morocco
Transaction type: Cr
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20480 Vintage Moroccan Tribal Rug with Abstract Expressionist and Cubism Style. This hand knotted wool vintage Moroccan rug features an all-over geometric pattern of ancient Berber symbols: diamonds, X-shapes, eight-point stars and Hamsa aka the camel track motif. The camel track Hamsa symbol is known as a feminine motif and represents a flower. It is an eight-point lobed lozenge shape (open to the idea of birth). Heavily ornamented with diamonds, this Moroccan rug symbolizes womanhood, marriage, birth, protection, and the continuation of life. A zigzag line along both vertical sides represent the male's presence. In Moroccan rugs, male motifs often appear on the outer portions of the composition, framing and enclosing the female motifs. This presentation can be seen as symbolizing fertility, as well as protection and the sanctuary of the family. Staying true to its Postmodern Bauhaus style and displaying a hard edge painting style, graphic color block pattern, bold form and colors, this Moroccan rug draws inspiration from Mark Rothko, Hans Hofmann, Piet Mondrian, and Karl Benjamin.Rendered in variegated shades of hot pink, bubble gum, persimmon, orange, royal blue, rose, mauve, raspberry pink, plum, peach, apricot, salmon, beige and brown-black. Perfect for a bedroom, family room, game room, living room, library, home office, study, studio, or children's area such as a nursery or playroom. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Abstract, Post-Modern, Memphis Group Design, Bungalow, Bohemian, boho chic, Contemporary, Cubism, Folk Art, Art Moderne, Mid-Century Modern, Nomadic, Primitive, and Tribal. Some Age Wear and Strong Abrash. Hand knotted wool. Made in Morocco. Berber Tribes of Morocco. Measures: 05’04 x 06’02.