4 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 200294 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20029
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4 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20029 4 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20029

4 x 8 Vintage Moroccan Rug 20029

Size: 04'00 X 08'02
Main Color: Red
Age: Vintage
Origin: Morocco
Transaction type: Cr
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20029 Vintage Berber Moroccan rug with tribal style. This stunning vintage Moroccan rug was hand-knotted by the Berber Tribes of Morocco. This unique Berber Moroccan rug features a vertical diamond tribal pattern rendered in bright hues of red, green, and aqua blue outlined in chocolate brown. This Moroccan rug is heavily ornamented by the shape of a diamond, which symbolizes the power of femininity and the nature of a woman. A diamond, as featured on this rug, is known to symbolize a woman's openness to conception and the prediction of a pregnancy. This rug stays true to the cultural of Berber rug-making. Bold and bright, this vintage tribal Moroccan rug can make an interior feel playful and full of character yet refined. The striking colors combined with simple tribal pattern create an eye-catching focal point or embellishing background piece. With its edgy elements of tribal style and pop of color, this vintage Moroccan rug is a cheerful piece that brings liveliness to nearly any interior. This depth of meaning presented in a bold, energetic form is what make Moroccan rugs such as this one such wonderful additions to contemporary interiors. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Tribal, Contemporary, Post-Modern, Abstract, Nomadic, boho chic, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Memphis Group, Industrial, Ethnic, Primitive, African, and Bohemian. Perfect for adding a pop of color to a living room, family room, game room, play room, bedroom, study, studio, office, sitting room, children's, nursery, man cave, theater room, hallway, entry, foyer and entryway. Hand-knotted wool. Abrash. Age Wear. Made in Morocco. Berber Tribes of Morocco. Measure: 04'00 x 08'02.