6 x 7 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug 80151
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6 x 7 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug 80151 6 x 7 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug 80151 6 x 7 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug 80151 6 x 7 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug 80151 6 x 7 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug 80151 6 x 7 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug 80151

6 x 8 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug 80151

Size: 06'03 X 07'06
Main Color: Multi
Age: Vintage
Origin: Afghanistan
Transaction type: Cr
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80151 Vintage Afghan Kilim Rug, 06'03 X 07'06.

Afghan kilim rugs, also known as Afghan flatweave rugs, are traditional handwoven textiles originating from Afghanistan. Renowned for their vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and durable construction, these rugs are crafted by skilled artisans across various regions of the country. Reflecting deep cultural heritage, Afghan kilims feature geometric patterns, bold tribal motifs, and vibrant hues woven from locally sourced wool. Serving both practical and decorative purposes, they are cherished worldwide for their beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance.

In this handwoven wool vintage Afghan kilim rug, the fusion of Contemporary Santa Fe style and Southwest Desert influences imbues each intricate detail with a sense of nomadic charm and timeless allure. The captivating tribal design and vibrant earth-tone colors seamlessly blend, creating a mesmerizing work of art that reflects the spirit of the desert landscape. The abrashed field boasts an allover geometric pattern, featuring three compartment panels adorned with ambiguous motifs and tribal symbols, adding depth and character to the rug's design.

Enclosed within a thick compound border adorned with hands on hips, ram's horn, running water, bereket, and running water guard bands, this kilim rug is not only rich in symbolism but also steeped in the cultural heritage of the Afghan people. Each motif tells a story, echoing the beliefs and traditions of generations past. As the rug ages, it takes on a curated lived-in look, further enhancing its timeless appeal and imparting a sense of warmth and welcome informality to any space.

Rustic yet refined, this piece transcends style and location, effortlessly complementing various settings from luxury ski chalets and secluded hunting lodges to rustic ranches nestled amidst the mountainous landscapes of Montana, Colorado, Lake Tahoe, Wyoming, or the Adirondacks. Wherever it finds its place, this Afghan kilim rug serves as a captivating expression of artistry and cultural heritage, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation amidst the desert-inspired ambiance it creates.

  • Rendered in variegated shades of brown, brick red, teal, cerulean, tan, maroon, khaki, burnt orange, terra cotta, and beige with other accent colors.
  • Abrash.
  • Handwoven wool.
  • Made in Afghanistan.
  • Measures: 06'03 X 07'06.
  • Date: 1960s. Mid-20th Century.