5 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 749415 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 74941
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5 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 74941

Exact Size: 05'05 X 08'00 , Age: Vintage , Origin: Sweden,----- , 103 , Cr
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Vintage Kilim rug from Esmaili Rugs Collection: Swedish mid-century modern wool flat weave rug with a field of shapes in light grey, dark grey, brown, beige and ivory. Designed by Judith Johansson, circa 1950's. The renowned Kilims of Judith Johansson feature patterns inspired by nature and geometry. In 1938, Judith Johansson and her husband opened a weaving studio in Knäred, Sweden. By 1945 she was designing carpets for the Nordiska Kompaniet department stores and by the 1950s she was making carpets and textiles for churches and embassies. Carl Malmsten, the architect and furniture designer, sold Judith's designs through his shops. Widely admired, Johansson's works have won various awards. From the perspective of color psychology, grey is the color compromise. Neither white nor black, it is the transition between two non-colors. Creating a sense of composure, calmness and relief from a chaotic world, the color grey is solid and stable yet subdued, reserved and quiet. It pairs well with the down-to-earth brown which represents structure and stability and it's a color of simplicity and physical comfort.