6 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 749406 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 74940
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6 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 74940 6 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 74940 6 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 74940 6 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 74940

6 x 8 Vintage Kilim Rug 74940

Size: 05'08 X 07'08
Age: Vintage
Origin: Sweden
Transaction type: Cr
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Antique Kilim rug from Esmaili Rugs Collection: This vintage Swedish Rollakan Kilim was designed by master weaver, Ida Rydelius, circa Mid-20th Century in Scandinavia. Scandinavia is comprised of the three kingdoms Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Scandinavian carpets and rugs have been made in Sweden for centuries, taking on many different forms and functions over the course of time. Rugs woven in the traditional Oriental style were originally brought to Sweden as early as the early Middle Ages through trade routes dating back to the Modern period. In the years that followed, the Swedish rug weavers began incorporating their own themes that were more consistent with cultural heritage of Sweden. Rollakans, a traditional flat weave, was probably was of the most significant contribution. They were popular among the folk artists and used as bed coverings. These Rollakans are highly sought after in today's marketplace due to their perception as typical Swedish compositions and this particular piece was signed in the weave by Ida Rydelius. This flat weave carpet features a gorgeous palette range from a falu red, orange, and plum to yellow, beige and ivory. In Sweden, the color Falu red originated from the copper mine at Falun in Dalarna, Sweden and was reserved for the privileged class. The different colors unite to form an overall whimsical composition. This Mid-Century Swedish Rollakan lends a comfortable contrast to clean, hard lines and metal that is commonly found in Minimalist and modern décor. Sultanabads are known for their extravagant geometric designs, grand scale motifs and exquisite colors. Across the field a majestic all-over pattern of intertwining vines emits an impressive array of abstract florals and palmettes rendered in shades of rust, olive green and beige. These florals are outlined in dark brown, crisply defining the pattern against the subtle field of olive green. The borders consist of palmettes and entwining rosettes set against a contrasting background, providing the impeccable contrasting frame to the field. Oversized Persian rugs are some of the most desirable and hardest to find. With this antique Sultanabad's expansive dimensions, it plays a central role in the furnishing of a fine homes. Antique rugs like this Sultanabad have a mysterious ability to unify furniture, art and the architecture of large spaces.