Rug No.: 73805 06'10 X 12'11 KhotanRug No.: 73805 06'10 X 12'11 Khotan
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Rug No.: 73805 06'10 X 12'11 Khotan Rug No.: 73805 06'10 X 12'11 Khotan Rug No.: 73805 06'10 X 12'11 Khotan

7 x 13 Antique Khotan Rug 73805

Size: 06'10 X 12'11
Age: Antique
Origin: Turkestan
Transaction type: Cr
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Antique Khotan rug from Esmaili Rugs Collection: Exotic carpets like this one, from the Chinese occupied Autonomous Region of Sikiang, are collectively known as Samarkands. Samarkand rugs are typically long and relatively narrow with simplistic spacious designs. Some of these rugs are made with a glossy wool and occasionally embellished with metal-thread and richly brocaded silk. This beautiful antique Khotan has an all-over pattern of pomegranates growing out of a vase on a field of teal (blue, green, and grey) with tan and chocolate brown geometric shapes. The natural dyes produce an attractive "abrash", a variable change in color due to the natural dyes, which is caused by variations in yard spinning from changing over to a new dye batch. The chocolate brown and tan colors add warmth and depth and it injects earthiness into a neutral or cool color combination to make more welcoming.
Khotan rugs and carpets were produced in the oasis town of Eastern Turkestan, today part of the Xinjiang region in Western China. This area has had a steady production of carpets since the 17th century, peaking in the 18th and 19th centuries. Khotan rugs usually feature a variety western Oriental elements and of Chinese designs as Khotan has been controlled by many different dynasties and powers throughout its history. Khotan rugs and carpets consist of geometric with abstract drawings and color palettes of rich colors to soft pastels. Authentic antique Khotan carpets typically feature yellow, brown, red or other earth-tone colors. Some antique Khotan rugs may also feature one, two and three-medallion motifs, however, other popular motifs include the branching pomegranate, diamond or allover floral patterns.