3 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug 722443 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug 72244
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3 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug 72244 3 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug 72244 3 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug 72244 3 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug 72244 3 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug 72244 3 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug 72244

3 x 3 Antique Aubusson Rug Tapestry 72244

Size: 03'01 X 03'03
Main Color: Blue
Age: Antique
Origin: France
Transaction type: Cr
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72244, Antique French Aubusson Tapestry, mythological sea dragon creature Hippocampus wall hanging. Drawing inspiration from Hippocampus and Nereids, this handwoven wool antique French Aubusson tapestry embodies a true Greek Mythical scene and Louis XIV style. Two fishermen wearing pointed hats appear on a ship at sea, riding a mythical seahorse monster, known as Hippocampus, treasured by Poseidon for its elegant grace. A sail billows over the fisherman and two flying fish soar above them. One fisherman paddles while the other holds the reins of the powerful steed, seahorse creature. Not in sight, yet The Nereid's (sea-nymph daughters) are protectors of men at sea, coming to the aid the distressed fisherman. Tricolor quarter circles are found in each corner spandrels and a single abrashed brown border frame the composition. The dreamy landscape conjures up all sorts of stories and adventures of Greek mythology. A Hippocampus is composed of two parts: half horse with it's head, neck, legs and hooves on the top half. The bottom half is made of a serpent-like dragon tail. This highly imaginative work would make a splendid accent to a dining room, office, study, library, front room, living room, bedroom, entry, foyer, hallway, or game room. With its commitment to tradition and heart full of whimsy, this antique Greek Mythological tapestry can enliven nearly any opulent period-interior with color and vitality. Well-suited for Italian, French, Rococo, Louis XIV, Louis XI, Louis XV, Chippendale, Regal, Aubusson, Baroque, Renaissance, Old World, Traditional, European, and Savonnerie inspired interiors with Gobelins, Beauvais or similarly imaginative interior styles. Whether in a formal setting with elaborate furnishings or in an Ottoman style interior, this mythical wall hanging will bring vibrant life where it is displayed. Rendered in variegated shades of Champagne, Cerulean, Mauve, Lavender, Gray, Tan, Ecru, Beige, Ink Blue, Navy Blue, Brown, and Sand. Also spelled: HIPPOCAMPE, HIPPOCAMPUS, Hippokampê, and Hippokampos. Abrash. Handwoven in wool. Made in France. Measures: 03'01 x 03'03.