4 x 6 Antique Tapestry Rug 769594 x 6 Antique Tapestry Rug 76959
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4 x 6 Antique Tapestry Rug 76959 4 x 6 Antique Tapestry Rug 76959 4 x 6 Antique Tapestry Rug 76959

4 x 6 Antique Tapestry Rug 76959

Size: 03'09 x 05'08
Age: Antique
Origin: Europe
Transaction type: Cr
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76959 Antique French Tapestry Wall Hanging with Landscape Scene and Old-World Charm 03'09 x 05'08 From Esmaili Rugs Collection. This hand-woven antique Landscape tapestry is well-loved featuring old world charm with a French Provincial appeal. Among the lush forest floor surroundings, a single bird perches itself on a fallen tree. A log whose thick branch extends into the scene from the foreground allows the viewer to absorb the depth of the artist’s work. A testament to French culture and history, this antique tapestry has withstood a century of age with time-softened colors and desirable wear. Suitable for Old World, Carolean, Plantation, Rustic, Industrial, Traditional, Rococo, Renaissance, French country, Farmhouse, Aubusson and European-inspired interiors. Whether in a densely or sparsely appointed interior, this versatile French Tapestry lends the perfect amount of 'a joie de vivre' meaning to experience the joys of living, loving and playing by getting back to nature. Rendered in variegated shades of coffee, sienna, brown, chocolate, olive, terra cotta, burnt orange, burnt umber, taupe, greige, ecru, tan, beige, ocher and mustard. Abrash. Hand-woven wool. Made in France. Measures: 03'09 x 05'08.