9 x 12 Antique Peking Rug 773759 x 12 Antique Peking Rug 77375
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9 x 12 Antique Peking Rug 77375 9 x 12 Antique Peking Rug 77375 9 x 12 Antique Peking Rug 77375 9 x 12 Antique Peking Rug 77375 9 x 12 Antique Peking Rug 77375 9 x 12 Antique Peking Rug 77375

9 x 12 Antique Chinese Peking Rug 77375

Size: 09'00 x 12'05
Main Color: Blue
Age: Antique
Origin: China
Transaction type: Cr
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77375 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug with Landscape Scenes and Chinoiserie Style 09'00 x 12'05. This hand-knotted wool antique Chinese Art Deco rug features a variety of pictorial motifs floating on an abrashed ink blue field bookended by two landscape scenes. The large center motif depicts a flowering vase and an urn paired with mounds of earth with sprouting Lingzhi fungus. The beautiful plum blossoms in the center vase are seen to represent fortitude and resilience, since the long-lived tree blooms brightly during the cold of winter. Lingzhi fungus, sometimes referred to as the 'plant of immortality,' is believed to have magical properties, and according to Chinese legend, its ingestion is said to grant immortality to those who consume it. Four vases containing the fungus and blooming lotuses surround the center motif, while the edges of the field are lined with nature scenes. Four Fu-dogs sitting beneath Chinese pine trees decorate the two sides of the field. Fu-dogs, which are sometimes called Imperial guardian lions, are thought to symbolize strength and courage as well as offer protection. Two wonderful landscape scenes of pagodas, trees, camelback bridges and ducks flank either end of the field. These tranquil scenes reflect the Chinese belief that harmony with nature leads to spiritual satisfaction. Two lovely borders frame the composition, each decorated with a variety of auspicious symbols of good fortune, including ceremonial jars, books, endless knots, and headdresses. Flowering trees with blooming lotuses, peonies, chrysanthemums, and plum flowers decorate the corners of the main border with pairs of small birds perched on their branches. This ensemble of flowers, when appearing together, represents the Four Seasons. The assortment of images rendered with remarkable care and attention to detail is quite stunning, especially when combined with the piece' refined color palette of sumptuous blues and golden neutrals. With its depth of meaning, rich colors, and truly gorgeous scenery, this antique Chinese Art Deco rug would bring a sense of opulence and grandeur to any space. Rendered in variegated shades of ink blue, cobalt, royal blue, cornflower blue, sky blue, baby blue, cerulean, beige, tan, cream, sand, almond, ecru, greige, stone gray, slate, peach, and mauve accents. Perfect for a living room, bedroom, dining room, private chambers, front room, study, studio, home office, private library, formal sitting room, or lounge area. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Chinese, Chinoiserie, Asian Antique, Asian Modern, Hollywood Regency, Manor House, Art Deco, Eclectic, Modern, Traditional, Neoclassical, Georgian, Regency, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Colonial Revival, Jazz Age, Romantic, Japanese, Ming and Qing. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in China. Measures: 09'00 x 12'05.