9 x 12 Antique Chinese Rug 775519 x 12 Antique Chinese Rug 77551
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9 x 12 Antique Chinese Rug 77551 9 x 12 Antique Chinese Rug 77551 9 x 12 Antique Chinese Rug 77551 9 x 12 Antique Chinese Rug 77551 9 x 12 Antique Chinese Rug 77551 9 x 12 Antique Chinese Rug 77551

9 x 12 Antique Chinese Art Deco Pictorial Rug 77551

Size: 09'00 x 11'07
Main Color: Brown
Age: Antique
Origin: China
Transaction type: Cr
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77551 Antique Chinese Art Deco Pictorial Rug with Jazz Age Hollywood Style, 09'00 x 11'07. This hand-knotted wool antique Chinese Art Deco Pictorial rug features a variety of traditional Chinese motifs overlaid upon an abrashed field and gold border. A phoenix flying beneath the sun amongst ruyi clouds adorns the upper right corner with a coin ornament suspended from its beak. A decorative lantern with an eternity knot hangs from a nearby branch, while small birds and butterflies flutter about. An arrangement of flowering vases and urns adorns the bottom right corner. A lovely bamboo frame encloses the composition. The interplay between the piece’s decorative elements gives the composition a great deal of movement and visual interest. As with most Chinese carpets, the various motifs are not only beautiful but carry a great deal of meaning. Phoenixes are amongst the most treasured of Chinese symbols, representing auspiciousness, elegance, virtue, nobility, honor, integrity and peace. In addition, peonies are seen to represent unparalleled beauty and honor; bamboo symbolizes endurance, strength, and good luck; birds represent fidelity; butterflies represent happiness; and vases symbolize harmony. The combination of the bounty of rich cultural symbolism and a sumptuous color palette makes for a deeply layered and refined piece. This lavish antique Chinese Art Deco rug would be a truly wonderful addition to nearly any interior. Perfect for a great room, wine cellar, executive suite, conservatory, state room, royal suite, hotel lobby, music room, living room, dining room, drawing room, private library, golf locker room, billiards room, clubhouse, large home office, master retreat, private chambers, studio, study, loft, lounge, entertainment parlor, trophy room, large bedroom, or formal sitting room, den, family room, large sitting area, studio, library, study, theatre room, private chambers, state room, great room, music room, or lounge area. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Traditional, Transitional, Eclectic, Modern, Neoclassical, Georgian, Regency, Empire, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Craftsman, Aesthetic Movement, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Jazz Age, Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, Mid-Century Modern, English Country, French Provincial, Bohemian, Boho Chic, Chinoiserie, Asian Antique, Asian Modern, Japanese, Ming, Qing and Republic Period. Rendered in variegated shades of taupe, greige, mushroom, gold, ocher, saffron, apricot, orange, salmon, mauve, taupe, greige, gray, light gray, beige, ink blue, cobalt, navy blue, cerulean, royal blue, cornflower blue, celadon, pistachio, green, and sage. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in China. Measures: 09’00 x 11’07.