6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679
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6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679 6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679 6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679 6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679 6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679 6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679

6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679

Size: 06'01 x 08'09
Main Color: Navy Blue
Age: Antique
Origin: China
Transaction type: Cr
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6 x 9 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 21679

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21679 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug, 06'01 x 08'09.

Chinese Art Deco rugs originated in China during the 1920s and 1930s, reflecting the bold geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and luxurious materials characteristic of the Art Deco movement. These rugs feature stylized motifs such as geometric shapes, florals, and traditional Chinese symbols in a modern, streamlined aesthetic, often showcasing rich jewel tones like deep blues and emerald greens. Highly sought after during the Art Deco era, they remain prized today for their blend of Eastern craftsmanship and Western design influences, with antique versions serving as valuable collector's items and contemporary reproductions continuing to captivate the rug market.

Behold this marvelously hand-knotted wool antique Chinese Art Deco rug, woven with threads steeped in the mystique of Chinese mythology. Within its intricate design lies a whispered tale of enchantment—a subtle allover pattern, reminiscent of ancient gardens, unfolds upon an indigo field, guarded by the sinuous coils of ornate dragons in the main border. While bearing the imprint of European influence, its essence remains steeped in the delicate sensibilities of Chinese tradition, where lotuses, peonies, chrysanthemums, and butterflies dance in tantalizing vinery, evoking a realm of boundless splendor and vitality. Within this lush canvas, peonies, revered symbols of unparalleled beauty and honor, intertwine with chrysanthemums symbolizing longevity, while butterflies flutter in joyful celebration. Framed by an arabesque border, where dragons roam amidst meandering scrolls, this antique Chinese Art Deco rug holds within its fibers the very essence of Chinese mythology.

In the realm of Chinese folklore, the dragon, known as "Kuilong" in Mandarin, reigns supreme, embodying unrivaled power, strength, and nobility. Once believed to command the elements and celestial phenomena, these serpentine beings soar amidst Ruyi clouds and ribbon-like bands, their pursuit of luminous pearls symbolizing the quest for wisdom and enlightenment. Through expert shading, the dragons and floral motifs spring to life, infusing this antique Chinese rug with a breathtaking realism that transcends mere threads and knots. With each intricately woven motif, this masterpiece unfolds a narrative of ancient tales and timeless wisdom, inviting the beholder into a realm where beauty, symbolism, and artistry converge in harmonious splendor. With its lush palette, profound symbolism, and masterful composition, this opulent Chinese Art Deco rug stands as a testament to the enduring allure of myth and legend, destined to enchant any interior with its timeless elegance.

  • Rendered in variegated shades of navy blue, camel, royal blue, brown, rust, red, green, tan, sand, gray, and orange with other accent colors.
  • Desirable Age Wear. Abrash.
  • Hand-knotted wool.
  • Made in China.
  • Measures: 06'01 x 08'09.
  • Date: 1920s. Early 20th Century.
  • This has a matching piece: 8 x 11 Antique Chinese Art Deco Rug 53874.