2 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 775882 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 77588
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2 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 77588 2 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 77588 2 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 77588 2 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 77588 2 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 77588 2 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 77588

2 x 5 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug 77588

Size: 02'04 x 04'08
Main Color: Navy Blue
Age: Antique
Origin: China
Transaction type: Cr
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77588 Antique Chinese Baotou Rug with Art Deco Style 02'04 x 04'08. This hand-knotted wool antique Chinese Baotou rug features a rounded fretwork medallion enclosing a center rosette floating in the center of an abrashed taupe field. Corresponding fretwork patterns form the corner spandrels, which each contain three small rosettes. Graceful peony flower motifs decorate the field on each side of the medallion, their delicate scrolling reminiscent of the fretwork patterns in the rest of the field design, which engenders a strong sense of harmony and balance. The main border, which features repeated motifs of diamonds containing stylized ruyi clouds with rosette centers, echoes the balance of geometric forms and floral touches used throughout the piece. A winding S-shape inner border adds further intrigue and balance to the overall design. Located in the Inner Mongolia region of northern China, the city of Baotou was a major weaving center known for producing high-quality wool, and for its expert dyers and weavers’ unparalleled mastery of the use of indigo dye. This antique Chinese Baotou rug beautifully showcases the rich palette of blues and timeless style that is so beloved amongst Chinese rugs. Offset against the neutral backdrop, the lustrous blues and soft accents give the piece a dignified and tranquil sensibility. The pile is plush and wonderfully soft underfoot. With its elegance and versatility, this antique Chinese Baotou rug would be a tasteful addition to any interior. This piece has been rendered in variegated shades of taupe, beige, tan, fawn, ecru, sand, cream, vanilla, navy, cobalt, ink blue, royal blue, sapphire, cerulean, true blue, cornflower blue, sky blue, and muted apricot and pistachio accents. It would be perfect for a small space, kitchen, reading nook, master bathroom, grand foyer, designer entry, study, studio, den, walk-in closet, stair landing, alcove, mudroom, entryway, bedroom, private library, private chambers, living room, front room, wine cellar, conservatory, drawing room, trophy room, game room, music room, listening room, or hotel lobby. It would also make a lovely accent next to a buffet in a dining room or behind the sofa table in the living room. Iconic in its styling, this antique Chinese Baotou rug would be well-suited for a wide range of interior styles, including Traditional, Transitional, Eclectic, Modern, Neoclassical, Georgian, Regency, Empire, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Craftsman, Aesthetic Movement, Edwardian, Jazz Age, Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, Mid-Century Modern, English Country, French Provincial, Bohemian, Boho Chic, Chinoiserie, Asian Antique, Asian Modern, Japanese, Ming, Qing and Republic Period. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in China (Inner Mongolia). Bao Tou. Pao Tou. Measures: 02'04 x 04'08.