11 x 15 Antique Peking Rug 7733711 x 15 Antique Peking Rug 77337
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11 x 15 Antique Peking Rug 77337 11 x 15 Antique Peking Rug 77337 11 x 15 Antique Peking Rug 77337 11 x 15 Antique Peking Rug 77337 11 x 15 Antique Peking Rug 77337 11 x 15 Antique Peking Rug 77337

11 x 15 Antique Chinese Mandarin Rug 77337

Size: 10'10 x 15'03
Main Color: Blue
Age: Antique
Origin: China
Transaction type: Cr
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77337 Antique Chinese Mandarin Rug with Manchester Wool and Jazz Age Chinoiserie Style 10'10 x 15'03. This hand-knotted Manchester wool antique Chinese Mandarin rug features a rounded floral open center medallion surrounded by sprigs of floral and botanical motifs floating on an abrashed deep magenta field. Throughout the composition, lotuses, peonies, chrysanthemums, and plum blossoms are arranged in a tantalizing display. The center medallion is composed of smaller-scale open blossoms and leafy tendrils, which are accompanied by larger displays of blooming sprigs and glorious sprays emanating from the corners. The ensemble of these four flowers, when appearing together, represents the Four Seasons, while each of the flowers carries its own meaning in Chinese culture. The lotus, the flower of summer, symbolizes purity and perfection, since its clean vibrant blooms emerge from the mud of swamps and marshes. Peonies, the flower of spring, represent unparalleled beauty and honor; they have long been regarded as a symbol of wealth. Chrysanthemums, the flower of autumn, are associated with long life and a golden retirement; the dried petals of the flower immersed in wine were once thought to bring longevity to those who drank it. Plum blossoms, the flower of winter, represent fortitude and resilience, since the long-lived tree blooms brightly during the cold of winter. Along with the beloved floral motifs, several small sprigs of lingzhi fungus, also known as the “plant of immortality,” are sprinkled throughout. According to Chinese legend, the fungus is believed to have magical properties, and its ingestion is said to grant immortality to those who consume it. It is said that only the phoenix is able to locate the fungus, as it is thought to principally grow high in the mountains of the Islands of the Immortals of Taoist philosophy. Accompanied by a delicate plum blossom garland inner guard border, the elaborate main border is also adorned with a variety of auspicious symbols. The unique border features a patchwork of small blossoms overlaid upon a stylized sea or wave pattern alternating with small cartouches containing vase and planter motifs set against a royal blue backdrop. Several of the planter boxes contain blooming lotuses, while some of the vases contain peonies. In addition to these flowering vases, which are seen to represent virtue and eternal harmony, several vases motifs containing lingzhi fungus are interspersed. The classic symbol a vase containing fungus that is set upon a table has a unique meaning related to its pronunciation in Chinese language. The use of sound rebuses is prevalent in Chinese symbolism, when certain words or phrases have lucky homophonic images associated with them. In this specific instance, the phrase for “fungus in a vase on a table” is read in Chinese as “ping’an ruyi,” which, when pronounced, is homophonic for a phrase meaning “safe and secure as you wish it.” The combination of the bounty of rich cultural symbolism and a sumptuous color palette of sophisticated jewel tones makes for a deeply layered and refined piece. This lavish antique Chinese Peking rug would be a truly wonderful addition to nearly any interior. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Art Deco, Asian Antique, Asian Modern, Chinese, chinoiserie, Japanese, Ming, Qing Traditional, Eclectic, Modern, Contemporary, Manor House, Neoclassical, Mid-Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, and Jazz Age. Perfect for layering with silk, fur, velvet and pairing with Lucite, chrome, marble, high-shine and lacquered surfaces, mirrored objects, ornate Art Deco filigree furniture, crystal chandeliers, Canton style jars, and Louis IV chairs. Rendered in various shades of burgundy, dark magenta, wine, maroon, royal blue, navy blue, indigo, ink blue, gold, purple, amethyst, mauve, rose, taupe, amber, rustic peach, and tan with other accent colors. Abrash. Hand knotted Manchester wool. Made in China. Measures: 10'10 x 15'03.