8 x 11 Antique Hook Rug 741978 x 11 Antique Hook Rug 74197
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8 x 11 Antique Hook Rug 74197

Size: 08'06 X 11'02
Age: Antique
Origin: America
Transaction type: Cr
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74197 Antique Oval American Hooked Rug with Cozy Cottage Colonial Style 08'06 X 11'02. With its Folk Art vibes and unique oval shape, this antique American Hooked rug beautifully highlights a cozy, cottage Colonial style. The antique hooked rug features poly-chromatic stripes composed of both wide and narrow bands forming a captivating visual effect. Displaying a universal appeal and highlighting a classic style, American hooked rugs can enhance nearly any living space with their timeless design aesthetic. Perfect for a living room, bedroom, dining room, family room, den, front room, study, studio, home office, library, formal sitting room, or lounge area. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Colonial, Cottage, Folk Art, English Country, Bohemian, Contemporary Scandinavian, casual boho chic, Arts and Crafts, Retro Modern, Mediterranean, Eclectic, Modern, or Traditional. The Colonial Cottage style and functional versatility combined with its colorful stripes make this American hooked oval area rug a lovely addition to English Country Cottages, rustic cabin homes, and mountain lodges. Layer on-top of a sisal or jute for a colorful coastal or contemporary nautical vibe. Rendered in a kaleidoscope of colors and variegated shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, coral, salmon, peach, rose, tan, ecru, beige, and sand with other accent colors. Stains throughout. Abrash. Made in America. Measures: 08'06 X 11'02