9 x 12 Antique Hook Rug 741769 x 12 Antique Hook Rug 74176
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9 x 12 Antique Hook Rug 74176

Size: 08'09 X 11'10
Age: Antique
Origin: America
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74176 Antique American Hook Rug with Art Nouveau Baroque Style 08’09 x 11’10. This unique American Hook Rug displays an all-over floral pattern composed of a variety of flowers, leaves, organic shapes, and rose bouquets in each corner. The floral designs and nature-like pattern is rendered in beautiful colors of lavender, sky blue, rose, pink, olive, light yellow, teal, wine, maroon, salmon, coral, orange, celadon, taupe, purple, beige, taupe, and a plethora of soft hues. It is framed by large-scale acanthus leaves. Well-suited for a wide range of interior styles: Victorian, Queen Anne, Tudor, American Colonial, Carolean, Neoclassical, Jacobean, Traditional, Federal, English, Old World, Arts & Crafts, Craftsman, Baroque, Louis XIV, French Country, and Swedish Farmhouse. Perfect for a bedroom, front room, great room, state room, library, parlor and sitting room. This piece is special because the size is very large in comparison to other hand-hooked rugs. The history of rugs in America is extensive; however, hooked rugs and Navajo rugs are categorized with the American rug design. Pioneers working with limited resources created hooked rugs in the 17th century. The rugs continued to be prevalent through the 19th century. The design motifs on early American hooked rugs were diverse, consisting primarily of geometric patterns, floral designs, landscapes, seascapes and animals. No matter what the design scheme, hooked rugs displayed a great sense of individual expression. Abrash. Hand-Hooked Wool. Made in America. Measures: 08'09" X 11'10".